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  1. Today's casual watch is a Elgin Automatic which I assume is from the 70's. I know very little about it. I won it in a Goodwill auction for around $38 and it showed up not only running but keeping impeccable time as well. It has an AS 1916 movement.
  2. Thank you @nickelsilver! I got the other style as well in that lot which unfortunately is in rough shape and has a broken cutter. I was just thrown off by this one because of the screws on the sides. Made me feel like something was to be mounted to it?
  3. Good morning fellow enthusiast, I bought a lot of tools and this is one of the pieces that was included. Given my level of inexperience I have no idea what it is. Please educate me
  4. Thank you for your input gentlemen. I don't have the tool to vibrate hairsprings yet but I will be doing some research into vibrating and recoiling. Hopefully one of the two parts watches I bought will have a good balance for now.
  5. Thanks @VWatchie for the videos. I have seen Mark's but don't know that I've seen the other. I've been digging around ebay and it turns out there are a handful of these pocket watches available. I found two that were listed for parts and appear to be complete movements so I hope to be able to salvage atleast spring if not a whole balance assembly. If successfully I will work on the original one under the microscope to see what I can do with it. Should be a good learning experience.
  6. Good afternoon friends, I picked up a small pocket watch from eBay which arrived yesterday. I was doing some minor disassembly to clean up the balance and escapement wheel pivots to see if it would run before I do a full tear down. Wouldn't you know as I was going to set the balance assembly back in, it slipped from my tweezers and the spring tangled around the balance cock and regulator. I managed to get it untangled but the spring is now stretched and twisted. On top of that disaster the spring is rusted a bit. I think it is best to just replace it at this point however this pocket wa
  7. Thank you. It is the black dial. I'm not sure why the photo turned up so dark here. It's much brighter on my phone.
  8. That's awesome! I've got them saved and will later print them out and place them in a binder to fully read and then reference as needed. I love material like this. It's really helpful to have manuals and such to reference since my memory seem to get more fragmented as time ticks by.
  9. Figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. This thread needs a weekday bump and I need to attempt to post a photo. This pre-Invicta Glycine Combat 6 has replaced my G-Shock GW7900B as my EDC with the exception of days where I have to roll up the sleeves and get dirty.
  10. To everyone else, Thank you for the kind greetings!
  11. Thank you for this @watchweasol! While I am fairly well versed in the basic anatomy its really nice to have this kind of reference material. I was (sort of) surprised at how much terminology I was unfamiliar with!
  12. Greetings all! Been lurking here and there as I've begun to cut my teeth as a hobbyist. I hit the ground running when I turned my attention to mechanical watches and jumped straight into the deep end of the pool. Hope to get to know some of you as I reach out for assistance with issues I am having and hope to be able to contribute as well as I learn more. -Ryan
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