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  1. Thank you so much and I will retrieve a picture tire for you, regards Brad
  2. I’m very sorry guys I’ve been cut out not feeling well Omega went into a Ziploc and it’s in the drawer my eyes are kind a messed up, can’t focus I don’t know what to do, I love the watch but can’t afford to pay out what they want, I did find a guy that had these movements he’s got like seven of them and they’re brand new and they’re made by Bulova but they don’t say omega on them and he tells me that he will give me $100 trade-in for my little bit and put want to hate you I’m reluctant what should I do guys please help merry Christmas and God bless BradI did find a guy that had these movements
  3. Sir there is absolutely no humming or any sound coming from the watch, that was the first thing I did, I did find a man who has these movements about 7 of them new but I can’t afford, I just have to figure this out and it won’t be easy for me as my eyes are failing.
  4. Yes Sir it is identical to the 1250 you posted in the link.
  5. God bless you and thank you for your help first off can you draw an arrow to the pivot tops on the diagram that you sent me I have to be honest with you I’m just learning and wow you’re just a whole lot to learn I need to get this watch running. I Really need to get this water running bad I appreciate your help I really really do thank you waiting to hear from you blessings regards Brad
  6. Thsnks muvhThanks? so much I just got your reply so I will let you know.
  7. Thanks? so much I just got your reply so I will let you know.
  8. Hi folks in short I have a omega constellation chronometer with 1250 movement 300 Hz I put a new battery in it and it will not run this watch looks like brand new hardly anywhere on it at all original crystal has the logo in the center this watch is immaculateBut with new battery it will not run. Thank you so much please help God bless Brad
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