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  1. Hello guys, I am in search of some Diafix Shock Jewel Springs. I have one that is missing in my Seiko 66. I've been surfing looking for a while, but unable to locate these particular item. Do you guys know where it would be possible to find? Thank you in advance. I appreciate your time....
  2. Thank you!!! Appreciate the info!!!!
  3. Man, that really looks good!!! I like it. There is a little antique shop near my work, she has a bunch of watches, Elgin, Geneva, Bulova, Hamilton, Walther, some are old , very old. Im slowly picking through her stock. I picked this Seiko and a Elgin pocket watch for 50 bucks. And this Seiko is working great! Thx for the info brother!
  4. Thank you, I'm already liking it!!
  5. Ah , thx I'll just use it as an everyday time keeper. Its a strong runner. I thought I had a good one. Thank you very much.
  6. Just found this nice little piece of art. Looks like another project. It runs. And so for, keeping good time. Do you guys know if this is a good find, or really lower end Seiko. Thx guys!!! Looks like a 6600.
  7. I'm really thankful!!! It will be used......God Bless...
  8. Thank you sir!!! Greatly and humbly appreciate your time and advise.
  9. Ah this may my issue. I've been having a heck of a time getting this movement in its case and on my wrist. I mean things like lost cap jewels, broken mainstring, now broken hair spring. I guess it's all in the learning process. I forgot to mention, the jewels in question are for the first wheel. I may remove the wheel bridge and inspect the pinion on the first wheel, I can't actually see the pivot on the dial side stick through it respective guide. I can wind my spring, but have to slight nudge the 1st wheel to get it to spin. I'm a complete amateur so please excess my lack termi
  10. Yes this is exactly the one. Thank you very much, I surely appreciate it!
  11. Happy New Year guys and ladies!!! Quick question. On the cap jewels, does the flat side face up or the concave side. Reason I'm asking tried replace cap jewel on one of the wheels, well the the retainer spring will lock in but will not lock in will concave facing up. Im working on a ST 36 movement. This is my first movement project, and well learning alot lol. I've disassembled movement cleaned and oiled. After springing jewels, shock springs , etc. Im amazed how far these tiny parts fly lol! Im so ready to complete this build. Thank you all.
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