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  1. Thanks everyone for the comments and help. I will source a suitable replacement mainspring and it should be OK. Regards.
  2. Thanks. My apologies aa I wasn’t thinking straight. So this means that as long as 1.5mm height is not exceeded, the thickness doesn’t really matter that much but the length will impact the reserve. Hence, need to look for the longest length mainspring. Regards, Yasser.
  3. Hi, I think it’s the type of polishing wheels in my opinion. You need very fine fibre wheel. Check ebay. Also check retro watch guy website as he listed in order what he uses. I hope it helps. Regards, Yasser.
  4. Hi Matt, Welcome to the hobby. I am newish too - about 6 months and really enjoying it. Must say it’s an addictive and an expensive hobby. I hope you have fun. Plenty of help here as very experienced guys here. Any questions, please just ask. See you around buddy! Regards, Yasser (from London UK).
  5. Hi KOwatch, Thanks for the help. The internal diameter of the barrel is 15.5mm. Sorry I am new to watchmaking as a hobbyist - about 6 months or so. I have never replaced it serviced a barrel. I guess now is the time. Hence, learning the ropes. Yes, I saw those options on Cousins website. However, as you seen thatbrhe length is not long enough but yes it will work. Secondly, the 0.105 may just rub inside with the top/bottom when the barrel is closed. I will check the depth of the barrel to see how much free room there is. There are few on eBay but the prices are
  6. Hi Guys, I have taken out the mainspring and here are the measurements with some additional comments: 1. H x W x L (in mm) 1.5 x 0.1 x 567 (please see note about the length.) The 567mm was the total length of the two broken parts of the mainspring. I rechecked and noticed that 6mm was folded over at the end which goes against the barrel wall. Please see photo. So, is it correct to assume that actual total length would be 567mm + 6mm = 573mm? If so, I need to find one which is approx between 570mm - 575mm. Please advise. 2. Please see the other photos.
  7. Hi, Looking at the Bestfits catalogue, it seems it is a LAPANOUSE movement. Which one, it’s hard to say as atleast 2 of them are very similar on Pages 155 and 156. The Ligne size is 13’’’ -13.5’’’ when measured on my movement. Upper plate and bottom plate sizes have a 0.5 ligne difference. The catalogue has some 13’’’ ligne listed but the parts don’t match. However, the two which do match are ligne sizes 10.5 and 12 respectively. I guess as Joe and yourself suggested and to move this forward, it’s easier to measure the mainspring’s H x W x L and then see what’s available
  8. How many parts are there? I got the 1st part. Do you have the 2nd parts and any other?
  9. Sorry but would you have the link. I tried the search but can’t seem to find it. What shall I search for?
  10. Hi Joe, It just has FB inscribed/engraved on one the plates. Very small. I can’t see anything else engraved.
  11. Dear friends, I hope someone can help me identify this movement below (see photos). I thought it was a BFG movement but on closer inspection, I noticed the letters ‘FB’ on the plate but unfortunately no calibre number. The mainspring is broken inside the barrel and would like to get a replacement if I can find the calibre number. Many Thanks, Regards, Yasser.
  12. Hi Alan, Thays great. I assume you are talking about Mark Lovick’s course (4 parts)? Keep in touch. Regards, Yasser.
  13. Hi @Tudor, There is a picture of the dial side but with the calendar and day installed. You can’t view the parts. See photo. I don’t have part 2572 currently. However, 2566 may have been placed incorrectly. Regards, Yasser.
  14. @TudorI now know that you were right. That little washer which I was thinking as part number 469 is actually something completely different and doesn’t belong to this movement. I have come to this conclusion now spending a fair amount of time trying to figure out where it could possibly fit. So, I will now leave that out. It may be that someone previously working on this movement tried to use this as part 2533 - Day star seat as a substitute at the time. Who knows!! Moving on, I need part number 2576 - Date Jumper next. I think I know where it may go. I also then need to k
  15. @TudorPlease see photos. I have the brass curved washer as well separately. This is not the 2533. I am missing that currently. This is 469 - ‘Hour wheel guard’. Also,I could do with help putting that ‘Date Corrector’ in the right place and possibly the right way round. I think it’s in the wrong place. Part number 2566.
  16. Thanks @Tudor I wasn’t sure but will do. Joe is looking into this for me. I will post a photo or two later as to where I have got to. I have figured out all but 3 parts from my previous photos on their location. For example, The ‘hour guard’ circular washer is what I am now stuck on. Where would it go? Under or over the hour wheel? I think if I get the other 3 missing parts, we have a working good watch. Fingers crossed!! Regards, Yasser.
  17. Hi All, Just am update. I have received the donor movement and took the couple of parts I needed before I started my attempt on the dial side. I believe I am missing 3 parts. See photos. If anyone has them as spares, please let me know. I am not sure the ‘Dial Rest’ part is needed for mine as it was not on the dial. It’s big enough for not to be missed etc but I may take it if available. Regards, Yasser.
  18. Hi @noirrac1j, My apologies for the slight confusion. I PM’d ‘Joe’, the gentleman who did the long walk through like yourself with similar photos on another thread. I am sure you know which one I am talking about as you contributed in the comments there. He is based in London and teaches Horology, however he is on the other side of the city. He may have seen this day/date movement. He hasn’t responded as yet. Thanks for your help and it is good to know you that you have some spare parts. I am waiting for a donor movement to arrive which I purchased on our favourite website f
  19. Hi Weasol, Thanks for that. I have studied that walkthrough the other day and it is very good. It helped me with some things. I have now PM’d Joe to ask for help as he may have worked on a version like mine. I will report back with my findings - hopefully with an assembled dial side. Many Thanks, Kind Regards, Yasser.
  20. Hi @watchweasol Thanks for the tech sheet. It does help but doesn’t show me where the smaller bits go on the dial. Regards. Yasser.
  21. Hi and welcome to the forum. ?
  22. Hi @noirrac1j, Thanks very much for this. This is partially helpful but I have a 866 CLDD version from the movement family. Please see the photos attached.
  23. Hi, i am attempting how to reassemble a BFG 866 CLDD movement which was in bits. I have managed to get it working but am stuck on the dial side as to what goes where? I am new hobbyist and enjoying this new hobby. I can figure out the obvious parts on the front dial side and know where they go. Can someone please either guide me or point me to a photo or a video of someone putting a Day Date version of this BFG 866 CLDD variation movement reassembly. Many thanks, Regards, Yasser.
  24. Hi Andy, Welcome to the forum. I have just joined aswell. Nice mod to the watch. Well done ?. I am in London. Happy to discuss watches and any new projects that you may have coming up. Regards, Yasser.
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