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  1. Thank you I have had a large bruichladdie malt and am taking the K and D idea to a search now lol and chuckling also let’s see what I can find many thanks again A
  2. I saw Marks Video on that process but got the impression wasn't recommended but seeing it some i can see how that works i have smaller watches and movements where that maybe a pain!! id be keen to see your video too please
  3. Hello People, I hope this finds you all well and staying safe in these weird times, quick question, I am about to start lessons course three, and whilst I have amassed a decent tool collection on line, one thing I haven't yet acquired are mainspring winders, I do have one vintage one but looks to be for clocks and or larger pocket watches, I have looked on line and there are a fair few sets available and while not cheap, clearly will be needed if i am to carry on, however I am a little blown away and bemused by the various sets and the different numbers of movements they are for, is there
  4. Indeed I am sir - parts one and two now completed three next on the list !! enjoying it very much - hope to get poart three done in February stay safe regards
  5. Hello all, I just completed the first stage course and enjoyed it very much , I have a small collection of manual watches and a fair number of Royce watches all now going bar one, a small ladies pendant fob watch, - was told it was overwound? I know ! I know! - buy will wait till course two completed before I get confident with that one, I have been looking for a unitas ETA 6497 movement, and was horrified at the prices being asked on ebay and Amazon, anyone else struggle with this. as I write I have found for 42 pounds plus postage which I will take and use after to build my own w
  6. Cheers Yasser hello ex londoner here now near Edinburgh new to this and have amassed a few tools and engineers box and have a collection of mechanical watches and ready to start the courses next week.
  7. Hello fellow horologists, I recently purchased a national electric watch cleaner, and after a little fettle seems to be working well, and i just need to re crinkle paint it. however it came with out the baskets ! i do have three or four baskets from an junior L and F machine they look identical but only 2+qtr inches, I have devised a hook system so they can be used and work fine, but thought id ask if any one has any available proper national electric,(manchester) baskets for sale or even swap? will photo machine later and post pics looks good!
  8. Same here still novice but it’s been an aspiration for some time so hope to catch Up with many of you as the journey continues cheers all
  9. Hello James welcome from a fellow newbie and also have a question or twenty as well in due course - first one is how many movements are there as was confused by the number of four digit movements listed and em what obvious differences there may be, other than size ? cheers all Alan’
  10. Welcome also from me a newbie also I lived the watch you built I’m still on the fixing stage of some old manual watches and would ti build one and would like to know more about the process and tools used etc and where and what you bought to make the piece looks amazing on Instagram very well done
  11. Hello I am Alan new- ish to horology as lockdown has forced many changes and a small hobby has become a new passion, based in west Lothian, Scotland I have started amassing tools and equipment to repair manual watches - I have a small collection and my fathers and grandfathers pocket watches all manual, all but one now working, I recently (moment of weakness ) bought a 1940s national electric watch cleaner complete I think apart from baskets - believe it works, and was looking for more information and guidance when I came across your site hitherto unknown to me, and delighted to find thi
  12. Hello I have also just purchase a 1940s national electric watch cleaner - very similar although with a new flex and 13 amp plug, will need a good lean up all complete but no baskets that i can see yet! Are you still in discusion i would very much like to hear what you did on refurb, i have some crinkle paint from a car resto and hammerite and cork tiles too. Alan
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