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  1. Same here still novice but it’s been an aspiration for some time so hope to catch Up with many of you as the journey continues cheers all
  2. Hello James welcome from a fellow newbie and also have a question or twenty as well in due course - first one is how many movements are there as was confused by the number of four digit movements listed and em what obvious differences there may be, other than size ? cheers all Alan’
  3. Welcome also from me a newbie also I lived the watch you built I’m still on the fixing stage of some old manual watches and would ti build one and would like to know more about the process and tools used etc and where and what you bought to make the piece looks amazing on Instagram very well done
  4. Hello I am Alan new- ish to horology as lockdown has forced many changes and a small hobby has become a new passion, based in west Lothian, Scotland I have started amassing tools and equipment to repair manual watches - I have a small collection and my fathers and grandfathers pocket watches all manual, all but one now working, I recently (moment of weakness ) bought a 1940s national electric watch cleaner complete I think apart from baskets - believe it works, and was looking for more information and guidance when I came across your site hitherto unknown to me, and delighted to find thi
  5. Hello I have also just purchase a 1940s national electric watch cleaner - very similar although with a new flex and 13 amp plug, will need a good lean up all complete but no baskets that i can see yet! Are you still in discusion i would very much like to hear what you did on refurb, i have some crinkle paint from a car resto and hammerite and cork tiles too. Alan
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