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  1. Thanks @oldhippyfor brining this up. My kneeling chair arrived this past Thursday and I was surprised at how comfortable it is. I will need to lift my workbench though as I'm 5'11 and still found myself hunched over. Some bricks should do the trick.
  2. Are both the setting wheel and intermediate setting wheel supposed to be touching the minute wheel at the same time?
  3. Suspicion confirmed, thanks all!
  4. Come to think of it, maybe he thought I was asking for flooring Thanks
  5. I was in Jewelers Tools in NY and he offered to sell me a magnetic bench mat. Anyone here use one? Is it worth it? While I understand it might be great for when you drop a screw etc. isn't it counter productive when it comes to automatic movements? Also, do you find that you need to de-magnetize your screwdrivers more often?
  6. Thanks, Looks interesting!
  7. Thank you for welcoming me and for sharing the attachment! He doesn't really have books. He earned watchmaking about 70 years ago, whatever names he does know he has a problem translating to English....
  8. Hi all! I'm located in NYC and am learning watchmaking. I'm currently an apprentice by an old school watchmaker. While I'm definitely learning a lot, I believe I am not getting to where I should be. For example; I have no clue what the different watch parts are called even though I work with them on a daily bases. If anyone can recommend either a book, online course, or maybe even a low paying watchmaker position at a busy location in NY (I can do complete overhauls on simple movements), I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise just wish me luck!
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