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  1. Saw this clock at Gator Park in the Everglades FL last week. It was 1:55 when I took this picture. It was interesting that the kids were the ones who were able to read it.
  2. I know this is off topic, but I'm surprised he doesn't have a microscope! We also got a nice shoutout at 14:10 ?
  3. Yes it is normal with replacements. You can either make the hole bigger with a broach, or buy a new set of hands that fit this movement.
  4. Not wanting to start a new thread so I'm attaching my question to this one, I purchased a Moseley staking set and I'm missing a few punches. I reached out to Daves Watch Parts and am awaiting a reply. After all the above, I'm still unclear if punches from a different brand would fit in mine, or do I need to hunt down Moseley only? I'm missing the following, A13, B6, E5, H2, I3, K2 and M4. otherwise I think I did pretty good with the 100/25 set at 100 bucks.
  5. I haven't really examined them up close yet. If it's anything more than a basic swap I think I'll look for a different one. I want to start with the simple (if I am even allowed to call it that) stuff.
  6. Thanks all! I guess you're right. I'll practice on a movement without a case and then move on to this once I'm confident enough. Found these in the stash, I guess they'll be sacrificing themselves...
  7. So one of my goals for 2021 (after loosing all those pounds) is teaching myself how to change a balance staff. I bought myself a staking set and chose this nice big movement from my old stash as a guinea pig. It's marked 16443683 My question is, I have no clue how much/if this thing is worth and there is a chance that I'll mess it up beyond repair. Does anyone know a ballpark amount this would fetch when working? Is it worth risking this movement? Thanks
  8. If I'm not mistaking, #2 is the date jumper (the thing that keeps the date ring aligned correctly). #1 might have something attached to the bottom, that in turn pushes what I circled below, that in turn makes the date wheel advance. (sorry I don't know all the names of these parts ?)
  9. I actually have one on the way, Just need to learn how to use it correctly, but I'm sure I'll get there with practice.
  10. Thanks @Poljot I appreciate it!
  11. While putting back this little guy he decided to come apart. I'm not exactly sure how the watch was running up until now, because when I put the arbor/staff over the hole it just slides right through. Being the newbie that I am, I would have no idea how to put back a new arbor without breaking it (balance staff replacement is my 2021 goal). Being the millennial that I am, I searched the internet for a new complete pallet but was unsuccessful. Does anyone know if there is a pallet of a different caliber that would fit this one? Hopeful! P.S. If anyone has any suggesti
  12. As the saying goes: "Where can I find a watch repairer?" "Under the table of course!"
  13. I found this on LinkedIn and thought there might be some interest on this platform. https://www.linkedin.com/events/cyberloupelivestream-apeekintot6752577661417086976/ I'm unsure if you need a LinkedIn profile to watch. Either way, my understanding is that it's usually available for replay once it's over.
  14. Thanks @oldhippyfor brining this up. My kneeling chair arrived this past Thursday and I was surprised at how comfortable it is. I will need to lift my workbench though as I'm 5'11 and still found myself hunched over. Some bricks should do the trick.
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