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  1. To be more specific, the piece is 8 yrs old, (Planet Ocean Dive watch) going for it's first service. They want to replace the dial at $750 US!!!, rather than perform a simple lacquer repair, that is what seems so absurd. They say the watch shows signs of shock, which I would say looks more like everyday wear on a daily worn watch. Regardless.....how would it be possible for "shock" to cause a lacquer problem on the back of the dial. I cannot imagine trying to re-create that situation in a new piece, even by abusing it. Has anyone heard of lacquer "defects" in Omega in the last 10 yrs?
  2. Has anyone here had experience with Omega Factory servicing. I've sent a watch for service to them and they want to replace the dial due to "lacquer coming off the back of the dial". Not a fix, but a replace at 1 1/2 times the cost of the service! Anyone else have a story on this topic?
  3. I have an answer, but not one that will help. I sent mine back to the watch manufacturer, and they either replaced or repaired the movement, no description was included, just a working watch. I was pleased they honored their obligations. Good luck. Hopefully someone will know how or where parts can be found.
  4. TY...I'll start accumulating parts and see what I can make of it
  5. I have an old Ollech & Wajs Kartago diver, (similar to the M4) from around yr 2000. I am trying to rejuvenate the piece but the bezel clicks are missing from the case. I am not even sure how they worked. All I am left with is the case with 1 small hole located under the bezel ring that is about 1mm diameter and about 1.6mm in depth. I am guessing there was a ball bearing and a small spring that pushed against the underside of the bezel. Does anyone have any familiarity with this particular watch, or in lieu of that, this type of bezel ratchet. I don't dive, so I could just re-install
  6. I have a diver watch with a Soprod A10 that is a little over a year old. It's been running slow, in the beginning about 5 secs/day, but recently more like 20 secs/day slow. I thought I would open the case and turn the adjustment screw ever so slightly to see if I could get it more accurate. After carefully doing this, I find the balance stops when placed face down and on it's side. It seems to run well when the watch is placed with 12 O'Clock up. Then as you tilt the watch to the dial side down, it slowly comes to a stop as if it is not powered or as if there is some slight friction. Has
  7. Thanks, my lubricant choices currently are 9010 or 9104. I think I'll try the latter first and see if the rotor swings freely. If not, I'll clean it and try the 9010.
  8. Since no factory oil charts seem available for 1960's Omega 5xx series calibres, what would be the recommended lubricant for the rotor axle (bearing) for these watches. I have an older 503 and a 564 and I need guidance.
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