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  1. Just like to say a big thank you to all 3 respondents - very much appreciated from Lurch. Followed the advice to the letter and 'hey presto'. Also, decided to remove the Ratchet Wheel for good measure just to make sure the Click is not broken. Took the photos below in case they assist anyone else with a similar problem.
  2. Hi, my Wife inherited a ladies 'Grovana' mechanical watch which appears to be wound very tightly and does not work. Any attempt to rotate the crown only moves the ratchet wheel by a couple of teeth. As a guess, the watch is over 40 years old. I would like to wind down the main spring of the watch as a first step to see if I can get it working. The watch appears to have a unique ratchet wheel click which I cannot disengage. The ratchet wheel click is unlike any other I have found on the internet or in any of the other mechanical watches we own; i.e. they have a small disc with on
  3. Good Evening to you all. As the title implies, I have been an Engineer [Electro-Mechanical] for some time now [40 years] and am rapidly approaching that age where you look forward to new challenges and one of those challenges has manifested itself in the beginnings of an interest in horology. I am looking forward to having much more time to increase my knowledge of this fascinating subject - hopefully with the assistance of the members of this forum. Thank you in advance for any assistance I do receive. Regards, Lurch
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