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  1. Hello all, i came to halt when i saw this cocktail dial it is just too stunning. I was wondering that if i could use this dial for the current mod which i am doing. My Research 4R34 = NH35 4R36= NH36 6R15 = NE15 So can i use NE15 instead of NH36 which will be a big leap in accuracy. And the size of my current dial is 35 MM and the size of Cocktail dial is 34.2 MM almost same so i need your help to confirm that can i do this mod or not. Thanks for Helping.
  2. It is a NH26A. Will the complete balance of Seiko 7s26 fit on my NH26A because i have learned on internet that NH26A is exact 7s26.
  3. I have read NH36 and 4r36 are same then why there is such a cost difference? on cousins UK Is there any regulation difference? i have already set my desk and made some more tools and equipment's also ordered some good tweezers and will be 3D printing the Main spring WINDER and also i have gained a lot more confidence. With your help and knowledge i can positively reassemble the mov.t. ill be using a time grapher app on my phone to check the +/_ , amplitude and beat error. Few More question from my side sorry bothering you 1. Can i run my mov.t without oils and if yes h
  4. Please help me to bring the cost down. If some how i can just mange with just 2 Types of oils it would be a bliss. New 4r36 Costs around £80 and with oils and complete balance its costing me £84. But i am also scared that 4r36 has a different crown position the crown is @4 and my 7s26 has a @3 crown position. Does that matters or not and then i also need to change the crown stem that's also a tricky part. I am getting confused my hopes are dying.
  5. I found this which i guess explains all the options but i am still stuck with Barrel. Which Grease i need for putting back my barrel and Main spring please help. Are these oil good which are mentioned above because these are too expensive and i am a student.
  6. Tomorrow ill be working on Mainspring Winder may be i can make one at home or else i will try to print it in 3D.
  7. Made an Watch Makers Eye loupe using a old Camera lens and it plastic casing. Without spending a Penny.
  8. Not able to understand the Oils and there Names. I need simple alternatives for these three oils and also need to lubricate the barrel and main spring because i also opened the Main Spring barrel. Will be ordering from Cousins.UK.
  9. I was not earlier planning to open the barrel but out of curiosity i did and i need just help from all of you guys to make my watch ticking again.
  10. I am also changing the dial to Seiko SKX and polishing the case.
  11. I tried finding a good repair shop but automatic watches are the things they don't repair. I found a Seiko Service center but its they dont want to service my watch because technically its not a seiko watch. It is a Titan watch ( if you have heard of TATA now also owns JLR group) and TITAN doesn't have any skills to repair this movement because they don't make any mechanical watches
  12. I finally opened the main spring barrel it was dam dirty. I cleaned it, now waiting for the oils, I need to know all the oils required for the service. I will be ordering the oils from cousinsUK. Don't have details of oils. I
  13. I am really enjoying working with so tiny and small parts, and yes i really trying to achieve some watch repairing skills here. And Secondly i gave my watch for glass change and the AD did a terrible job he applied so much glue without using any gasket. Its hard to find a good watch repair guy here that's why i am stuck my self. Need your help guys.
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