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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! I’ve certainly got nothing to lose by soaking the movement and if avoids the need for disassembling them I’m fully onboard! I’d like to delve further into this but I’ll buy a donor movement to learn on. I’ve already got a puffer and will get some Nephtha or similar along with some watch oil. If I can save every bit of this watch, I will for sentimental reasons. Otherwise it’ll end up like Triggers broom and before you know it, it won’t be my Dads watch any more! And I’ve stopped juggling fire these days...since the ‘incident’
  2. You are my saviour!!! Thank you so much! I will check these links out!
  3. Don’t know why I missed the most important pic.
  4. Hi everyone. This watch was my Dads, he died whe I was 7 and this is pretty much the only thing I have of his but it’s not in great shape. I’m pretty sure the movement is not financially viable. Although I’ve fixed the keyless works, it’s pretty worn and I think I the balance spring is goosed. I don’t imagine it’s a cheap job to have done professionally. Anyway, I’d like to replace the movement and would like to know where to start. the current one is a Basis 17 Jewel movement which I guess aren’t available? The dial is held to the movement by two screws on the front face (see
  5. Yes, Biro is a brand of ball point pen. If you have a spare spring bar, you can remove the spring from that and cut it to size.
  6. Looks like we’ll both be destroying a biro then doesn’t it!!! To be honest, I think I might pop into a bearing supplier and find a ball bearing that sits snug. All my ballpoint pens seem too small.
  7. The wire sits in a recess within the bezel. The serrations are on the underside of the bezel, passing over the hole. I don't see any way you could locate the wire in the hole and also have it seated within the bezel recess. It must have been a small section of wire or a ball and spring acting on the serrations. My money is on a wire because it was uni-directional. I fashioned something out of a paper clip (below) last night which had the desired effect but was to thick to allow the bezel to seat flat. I'm going to destroy a biro tonight
  8. I like your thinking but the serrations are on the underside of the bezel so it must have been something sticking out from the hole that made the click. It appears the hexagonal wire just stops the bezel falling off.
  9. It definitely wasn’t this method. I’d have noticed something this big!!
  10. The more I think about this the more sense it makes that something must have pinged out of that hole. It was a uni directional bezel so it must have been a piece of wire rather than a ball Bering and spring (I assume).
  11. That would make sense BUT, the spring goes in a recess in the bezel and the hole is UNDERNEATH the bezel. I assume there may have been a bearing a tab sitting in the hole. The ratchet surface is under the bezel.
  12. A friend gave me this battered cheap Sub replica to play around with and I plan on re-purposing the case for something else with a new movement, face and hands. I decided to pop the (rather slack) unidirectional bezel out to tighten the spring a little and also to remove the ceramic insert and replace it with something a bit less ‘Rolex’. Anyway, I can’t figure out what makes the ‘click’ sound? Should there be a part located in the hole indicated by my tweezers? Or is this a universal case that includes that hole to accommodate a flat bezel spring as an alternative? Thanks in
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