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  1. Thank you all for your wonderful advice! As suggested to me it's better I went with the San Martin with the NH35 and I did just that by ordering the black version of it on the 11.11 sale. I checked into Aliexpress everyday and picked up as many coupons and coins as I could and got my watch down to $159 which is great. Recently i won the blue dial version of the San Martin on the Horologique youtube channel and he very kindly sent it to me. The watch is very well built and has good bezel action, keeps good time, amazing articulation of the bracelet considering it is an oyster style
  2. Thank you for all your replies. For sure it seems the sensible thing to do is to go with the San Martin. I'd be as concerned as you about the lubrication of the movement, however this is a tad subdued as the manufacturer of San Martin watches houses the same production for watch cases in some swiss watches. There is a belief that their watches are a grade above what is usually available from AliExpress, or so it seems. But you make excellent points on when the movement has it, get a new one and slot it in
  3. I completely understand what you mean by "the price is steep" I have considered the invicta pro diver though by the time I manage to mod it with a sapphire crystal with AR coating, change the bracelet for one with solid links, end links, screw links and a milled clasp, change the bezel insert for a ceramic one...the price would come to the same as the San Martin that you speak of (buying tools to modify being separate in costs) and give a stamped 2 year warranty. Those are the specs on the San Martin. Though San Martin has incredible lume so I believe it's worth the price. There are
  4. Hey guys. I'm new here. My name is Waris. I'm from Kenya. Just wanted advice between 2 watches that im about to purchase from aliexpress. I can only purchase one of these. Both have similar or equal build quality but different movements. The watch from the Cronos brand having a PT5000 movement and the watch from San Martin having the NH35 movement Both of them homages to the Rolex submariner. Each to their own, but i have no problem with homages and as a person who can justify spending up to a maximum of $200US per watch, the notion of "save to get the real thing" doesn't really app
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