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  1. Hi there, (pictures are not really good and deformed as they are taken using a smartphone with a 8x numerical zoom) After some investigations, I found what was the cause of the pallet fork not stopping the escapement wheel. I initially ordered a pallet fork + escapement wheel (sold together) in the objective of replacing the pallet fork . I compared them but they looked similar: (forged the visible fiber in the newer on the left) I them inspected the movement and tried understand where the problem should lie, and decided to record a video with my phone to see som
  2. Mine seems to be the alternative without 'JAPAN' like this one:
  3. Thank you all for your replies. The movement comes from a Pagani Design submariner homage : PD-1661. I hope it is a genuine NH35a but really not sure about that. Here are some more pictures of the watch. The watch stopped working (movement was stuck) after 1 day of wearing it. So I decided to dig into it instead of returning it with a 5% chance of being reimbursed... During the disassembly, I was searching for the issue when suddenly all the power reserved get out of the mainspring with a high speed gear noise when checking the escape wheel. (the balanced wheel was removed, but no
  4. Sure here some more; although I have reassemble the watch this afternoon. I don't have much. Since I am learning, this is more of a study movement and I made some scratches in some places. I can order a new nh35 for 25€, or order a palette fork + club wheel for 8 € (from ebay). So I am hesitating. From your experience, what could cause this issue?
  5. Hi everyone, I am digging into mechanical watches internals because of a faulty Chinese submariner clone that I want to repair. I have disassembled the whole watch and I think the problem is in the pallet fork. Entry pallet seems too short although it seems OK from the pictures: And here is the video of the behavior: What guys do think about it? Should I replace the pallet fork or am I missing something else during reassembly?
  6. Hi everyone, Just starting my journey into repairing mechanical watches because of a faulty NH35a (Seiko SII) in a chinese homage watch. Owning a bunch of these and a Seiko starlight presage (my Fiancee present). I hope to find some good advices here. See ya
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