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  1. Thank you. I have just found the arbor! It was among the desk clutter indeed, although I had a hoover with tights over the hose lined up! I have an idea to just put a piece of plywood covering that back portion of the bureau which I can remove easily...as my wife still uses the area. OK I think I will continue on and try to get the spring in by hand. I don't know much about mainspring winders but they look expensive... That's it for tonight!
  2. Yes I might do that. Will consider it. TBH I was using this one as my practice one as I have the course to follow. Was going to keep working on it until I could do it without referring to notes. In the meantime here is the spring after I unfolded it a bit. Do you think it is salvageable? If it is, and I can find the arbor, then I might be OK!
  3. Question I'm wondering if the following is what I should order? Barrel Arbour with Screw, Unitas 6497 195 UT64971955 from Cousins... but it's listed as Restricted by Manufacturer! How do I look for a Seagull equivalent? When I look up the spring I get: 1.50 x .175 x 440 x 14.5 Non-Automatic GR43071 but it looks very expensive! Do I need to just buy another movement for parts?
  4. 2.1.9 Removing the keyless works As I turned the movement upside down a small part fell out. At first I thought it was my barrel arbor! but it was just the setting lever screw. When I lifted the setting level spring, one cog came with it. I have noticed that one of my tweezers is slightly damaged at the tip from messing with the barrel lid
  5. 2.1.8 Removing the Train Wheels I had difficulty taking the lid off the barrel. Tried a few things and looked it up online. Eventually it worked, unfortunately I had forgotten to cover it, and the lid, spring, and arbor went flying! The spring is wrecked. I haven't found the arbor yet.....
  6. Thanks for the encouragement. Yes I have found in other areas of my life (e.g. DIY) that I am not brilliant at the finer work, and also that I start a job but lose interest and don't finish it, so I am using this watchmaking as a way to overcome that. I'm taking it nice and easy. If I need to pause for a week for a part or tool to come, then fine. If I break something and it takes me a while to figure out how to resolve, then fine. I did purchase 2 new tweezers too as even I could tell the ones I already have were cheap.
  7. General observations so far. I find the wire loupe headband invaluable. I'm worried about flying parts. Unless I build a screen around me then things will go missing. I need to clear my work area so there are less places for things to hide. I've noted a tip in another thread about working inside a bag for some parts.... but I'm worried about when I have to pick parts up and transfer to a storage container. I tried to use Rodico to hold my incabloc spring but found it awkward and I just have a sense that rodico will pick up grit etc but I suppose I just need to learn to
  8. 2.1.1 Removing the movement from the watch case I undid the screw too much and the setting lever fell off. Looks awkward to reattach to my untrained eye. Will tackle this at reassembly stage! "Once the movement is removed from the case it is advisable to replace the crown and stem and secure the setting lever screw until you are ready to dismantle the keyless work".... well, I can't do this so I will go ahead and see what happens! 2.1.2 Removing The Dial and Hands Well I have no dial. I have a presto tool to remove the hands, but with no dial I accidentally remove th
  9. I am starting a course diary here for my own records, and maybe people starting the course later might find it of benefit. Feel free to comment on anything here, but if I am encountering something specific I will probably start a separate thread on it. Level 1 I went through the Level 1 course, and made a list of all the items I would need. I then compared to the various tools I already had. Some were cheap, some were mid range, but I made a determination on what to get. Level 2 After inspecting my screwdrivers I realised they weren't up to the job so ordered th
  10. This just happened to me! In addition when I was manoevering the spring it went flying and I only found it by complete chance!! I have managed to get it back in without using Rodico, just using the tweezers and small screwdriver. Thanks for the tips.
  11. No obsession. I just figured it was next in line in quality as compared to the cheaper sets.
  12. Oh, so the "Cousins" unbranded ones offered as an alternative are actually the A*F brand? I had assumed the Cousins brand was above Value but below any of the others.
  13. Yeah so I guess my questions is... I obviously currently have something akin to "Value" range. I can see the Cousins range is next in line but I thought I would go for something better, perhaps individually... so that's Bergeon. Then I thought A*F but I can't get them, so now it's essentially a choice between the Cousins Swiss stainless steel and the Bergeon!
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