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  1. Philip That’s so kind of you. I shall give it a shot. I have tried to recharge the existing capacitor over the last forty-eight hours and if I carry on much longer I think my wrist will drop off.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am in Bristol.
  3. Thanks very much for the information sheets. I don’t want to push my luck... but I am not sure that I am up to the job. Are you able to recommend a professional who might do the work?
  4. Thanks for your help. Please find attached a couple of pictures. I wonder if these are sufficient? Best wishes, tim
  5. Hi. I have a Seiko Kinetic. About thirty years old. It stopped about three years ago. I sent it away and the battery was replaced. (I didn’t even know it had a battery.) Now it is starting to go again, with the second hand ticking two seconds at a time. I’m surprised – and wonder if it is the same problem, or a different one (eg, capacitor). I would prefer to send it to someone who know what they are doing, but how to go about finding such a person? Or should I tackle it myself?
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