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  1. Hello all, I have two Timex electronic watches with the same problem. Movements are ticking away but the hands on the dial are not moving. To be fair, the second hand pulsates on one watch without advancing. I have added some photos below. Please let me know if you can help me get these watches moving again! Thank you, Martin
  2. Thank you so much for the welcome and for the advice! I was able to adjust the contact from the dial side, pushing it back into place to secure the stem. In the patent for M43 (similar to M56) it is part number 46 that needed to be adjusted. And it is this same part that needs to be pushed a bit out the the way to remove the stem. The watch came to be in bad shape and needed to be cleaned, oiled and polished. Now the watch is running well and yes, the jump minute is very nice! I added images of the drawing for part 46, the dial side of my watch with the exposed pi
  3. Hello all, I have a 1979 Timex Q quartz watch with M56 movement. When I disassembled the watch for maintenance, I messed up the stem. I can now easily pull the stem all the way out. So now instead of setting the time, I have the watch in one hand and the free stem in the other. Does anyone have advice on how to secure the stem properly? thank you, Martin
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