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  1. Hello everyone. Update on my kids inheritance. That's what I am telling them as I rescue these projects or I tell them these watches are investments. Like today I bought a black and gold Fossil off of FB market place. It was a pick up on the porch no interaction kinda sad situation. I walk to the closed door apartment and found the brown bag that it was pretty noticeable that its previous life was a gas station beer bag with the watch at the bottom. Pitiful it was just pitiful. The watch needs a little TLC of course what did I expect for $10. It was a pretty pitiful looking reprisation of a on
  2. Thanks for your reply. Looks like another fellow watchmen knew the answer.
  3. Welcome. Glad you could join the group. New myself. Everyone so far has been great. My question was answered only a few hrs after it was posted. So I think we picked the right group.
  4. Hi everyone. Got ahold of a early 90s Timex V. Gotta love the 90s retro look. The problem im having is the watch needs a battery and the old one is missing. The interweb has been no help to at all. So if anyone knows what battery it takes or knows how i can find out this information they would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.
  5. Hello everyone. Need to the group and to watch collecting. I at the moment have 45 watches in my collection. Hoping to gain the knowledge and wisdom about the wonderful (time flies when you're having fun) world of s.
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