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  1. This is very helpful - has a bit more detail than the other docs I have. So - we now have this movement being equivalent to the Cartier 81, Ebel 81, Frederic Piguet 8.20 and the Piaget 820P :). I am still very surprised by the cleaning instructions in the Piaget document. They explicitly state that you can clean the main plate conventionally. But I am certain that there is an insulator between the battery strap screw tubes and the main plate. I cannot imagine they would not be substantially damaged by watch cleaning solutions. This movement requires the + side of the battery to be placed
  2. Ahh!!! Yes worried about that too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. EB?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I suppose I "may" be able to clean this plate in my standard jewelry ultrasonic with just hot soapy water instead of my watch cleaner. Thoughts??
  5. So a friend asked me to change the battery on his wife's Cartier Tank Quartz. It has a Cartier/Ebel 81 movement which I believe to be equivalent to the Frederic Piguet 8.20 calibre. As it turns out the watch was subjected to moisture in the past and the battery was also corroded :(. A new battery didn't fix the issue - so I decided to clean it. Upon disassembly one of the battery strap screws was corroded into place - it took some creativity to wrestle it out. But now, careful inspection seems to indicate that the 2 strap screw posts are actually fit in place with what looks to be either a bl
  6. Really great explanation - and looks like a beautiful job. HSL - is that CAD a properly dimensioned part? If so, any chance you'd post the .dwg file??? Stu
  7. Thank you! I prefer to do this type of work under the stereo microscope as well. Appreciate the help!
  8. That's great advice - thank you. What do you use to polish the function? On a related note - I would assume it is equally important to obtain a mirror finish on the surfaces of the hammers and the hearts for the chrono wheels. Would you use the same technique?? Regards, Stu
  9. Thank you - these parts are so very delicate so it's not surprising that after many decades and however many services that they break. The one I have is slightly fractured and a bit of a twist at the fracture as well. I wonder if there's a way to repair it? I fear that an attempt to solder it will just cause it to break from the heat. This is the exact same watch as Mark's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFOQm9sAzE8&t=932s. He runs into the exact same issue. Mark chose to make a replacement and was kind enough to record the whole process. I am leaning towards doing the same. I
  10. Working on a vintage Heuer V72C. Just fully disassembled and all basically OK except the minute recording jumper is fractured I believe it is part #8270. Anyone have a line on a reasonably priced source for this part??? I suppose I can make one but thats a bit more work than I was hoping to do on this piece. Thx, Stu
  11. One more part to come... http:// ETA 7750: Part 3 - Reassembly: Escapement Lubrication, Chrono Bridge, Automatic Bridge, Motion Work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Reassembling the Tourneau 7750. Keyless work and Train of Wheels Click to view on YouTube
  13. Ha! I’m sure you can find an overpriced Bergeon if you try! I opted for the $12 version. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RV8PREI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_Ty2DEb7PTN7QG This worked fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Did the Keyless assembly today, so I used the fluorescent HP-1300. Works great! Shows up under a black light as bright green - very easy to see where it is, and where it isn't. So - I'm a fan! Will let you know how the 9010 looks when in jewels later. The fluorescent doesn't show well under camera - so the next video won't do it justice
  15. Happy to report that all the items mentioned have been shipped to others that expressed a need for them. I'm glad these resources did not go to waste. Hope everyone is doing well... Stu
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