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  1. Hello everybody, I tried the search but couldn't come up with anything useful. I've got the Bergeon set of oilers, and I've noticed each one of them have got a different shape of the tip. I don't recall any mention to that, could you please advise on when to use which shape of oiler? Thanks!
  2. I'm following Mark course, and it was my first go at disassembly and reassembly of the ST36, clone of the ETA. All went well until I removed the balance bridge jewel: the shock spring came completely loose and went flying over the carpet, yes THE CARPET. Lost for days but found eventually, my struggle begun with trying to put it back in place; I've tried in many ways, found it almost impossible to handle, I really couldn't fit the "T" hinge part in the slots. Eventually I tried to snap it in with the tweezers, I thought I was done, but I discovered that I broke one of the two p
  3. Hi guys, I’m following Marks course level 2 at the moment. I’m not clear at all about the cleaning by hand process, I will put my doubt underneath: I’ve got myself Zippo lighter fluid, and also Bergeron One-dip solution. It is not clear to me when to use one or the other, or if they are alternative to each other. Phases: Soak, rinse, clean by hand, rinse again...what’s the exact order to follow in cleaning by hand? In the course is said to do a rinse with fresh fluid starting with the balance assembly. Does this imply that the balance assembly is cleaned only one?
  4. Hello there, my name is Michele, I’m Italian but I live in London. During the day (and sometimes during the night!) I’m an airline pilots but it has been years that I have a deep passion for watches. I own a few, although nothing super expensive, but watches that I love and cherish. It is now time to move to something deeper, such as looking under the hood and develop this lovely hobby for the long dark winter nights. The trigger was the will to restore a couple of old watches that I got from my father, an AVIA that was my grandfather's (I never met him) And a CYMA Tavann
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