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  1. Philipk5 is an absolute hero and provided me with the screws to fix my watch, thank you very much sir. Quick question, is it possible to over tighten the rotor screw which in turn prevents the watch charging adequately??
  2. Yes still no luck. I have tried magnets and buying some new screws but they are too long. I have used some tape to put it all back together in the hope that I’ll manage to find those elusive screws
  3. Still no luck. I have tried magnets and buying some new screws but they are too long
  4. Please find a picture attached... as I say, any help would be greatly appreciated...
  5. Thank you so much for your responses everyone I need 2 small screws to hold the capacitor bracket on and a slightly bigger one for the rotor. I’m at work at the minute but can uploads pictures this afternoon if that would help. I am in the UK, namely London and May need to get someone to fit it for me if I can’t. Am happy to pay..
  6. Hello my wonderful watch people. Like many of you I am a real watch lover, this began about 3 years ago and I have purchased many, many watches in this time... However, I have encountered a problem I have attempted to change a capacitor in my Seiko Kinetic watch, managed to get everything out thanks to the ‘watch repair channel’ but having got the new capacitor installed I have lost the tiny screws required to put the plate above the capacitor back and then the rotor. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am lost for ideas and have been to multiple jewellers etc with no lu
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