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  1. Can you share your working for how 1800vph difference ends up as 360s? Many thanks - Rory
  2. Some progress - new balance complete arrived this afternoon. Photo attached of the pair, with the correct one sitting out pre-installation - with jewel impulse. Happily, the timegrapher immediately autodetected 19,800 off the new part. Strip down, cleaning and inspection lies ahead. An uneasy feeling remains - what else did ‘they’ get wrong? I’ve been picking up some key parts (NOS) here and there just in case. Regards - Rory
  3. I could have fainted, but Cousins actually have the balance complete in stock - so I should have an update later in the week. I had to triple check it was the right part - delighted. Assuming this is the cause, it’s been an interesting “note to self”. Anything new to you and running consistently off-pace in the region of multiple minutes per hour - double check the actual and expected vph. Many thanks for the arithmetic - blaming my 2 year old for not thinking of doing that immediately
  4. So, I’ve just received a lovely 6216-9000 to get back in shape ... symptom reported by previous owner (flipper, with no knowledge of its service history) was of losing something like 5 min per hour (!). However, I thought I’d lucked out when I popped it on the timegrapher - good accuracy (after minor dialling in), decent beat - but noticed that it was auto-detecting at 18000. The 6216A movement is supposed to run at 19800. I manually set to 19800 and the grapher wouldn’t even provide a reading. Observing the dial over the space of 5 minutes confirmed the movement is losing a ton of
  5. Hi - that’s for a bag of 30 I think it’s more likely in the region of £7 or so for a single. I found the process of re-pinning the hairspring to be quite frustrating - getting just that final stepped part of the spring to stay in place to be pinned. I did at one point accidentally pin the spring beyond that stepped portion at the end and I introduced a twist. Not happy with the subsequently ‘fixed’ spring, so would really like to use a replacement. Do you stock them? If I can’t source here in the UK I’d love to buy one .. maybe two
  6. Not the greatest - giving it another inspection. May be on the lookout for a replacement balance complete - I see one for Timex 24 on eBay, so may snag that in the hope that it’s a good fit for the 25 too. M24/25 service manual has balance assembly reference number of 721, while the part on eBay is 24-60145. Anyone able to confirm they’re one and the same? Regards - Rory
  7. I doff my cap to you sir - many thanks. I shall be purchasing generic crystals either side of the exact size (can’t find right now) and seeing how they squeeze/rattle in.
  8. Thanks for the link. It’s a donor movement and still to have a wash and lube - I almost hope its magnetised, demagnetiser is a tool I haven’t added to the bench so far Rory
  9. Ok, that clarifies which dimension, thanks. For acrylic, given it’s an odd decimal size, is it best to walk away from ‘evens only’ options and shop for an exact fit? Or is there a rule of thumb to go up or down 0.1mm and still expect a workable result? Thanks - Rory
  10. Thanks - I’d been looking at that page. Case aperture diameter : 30.6 Crystal diameter (vertical part of profile) : 30.3 Crystal diameter (flare/step?) : 31.1 Assuming the correct reference size for this crystal is 30.3mm? In which case, better to keep shopping, or would you expect a 30.4mm to be a workable option (evens only from this page at Cousins)? Thanks - Rory
  11. I’ve been polishing out what was a skating rink crystal on an M25, but it has a crack/blemish on it which really deserves replacing. I’ve got some possibles on eBay, but to help narrow the search, I wondered if anyone had a part number for the domed crystal on a 26753 02574 ? Beyond the service manual, I can’t find any online parts reference for M25 watches. If it’s out there would also appreciate a point in the right direction. Thanks - Rory
  12. I’m working on a friend’s M25 (2675302574) and I’m wanting to adjust it on my timegrapher. I’ve checked the service manual and various lift angle registgeries, but can’t find any reference to LA for the M25 (or M24 for that matter). Anyone ever seen this documented? Many thanks - Rory
  13. Hi repairers - been tinkering for a while on my own watches but now starting to do small jobs for friends/family. Love it. Look forward to chipping in where I can and learning from the rest of the community. Oh, and Happy New Year Regards - Rory
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