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  1. Thank you for the advice mates, so the consensus then is it shouldn't be a difficult proposition to shorten the winding stem, considering there isn't a need for a total overhaul or replacing any parts. I don't know how fruitful it would be to argue this with my current watchmaker as he seemed convinced that it's how it should be, so I will be looking for another reputable one, hopefully one with experience on the 1003. Though I'm considering if I should wait until the 1 year warranty from the watchmaker runs out before I find another one.
  2. That's what I thought as well and when I returned to his shop I was expecting him to make the adjustment, but I think he just had so much difficulty in getting it back to working condition that he's just scared to take it apart again and not getting it to work. So that's one vote to bring it to another watchmaker. Then again we're just assuming that shortening the stem is an easy task, but we all know the 1003 calibre is anything but rudimentary so maybe it's harder than we think? Can anyone with experience attest that it is in fact a simple enough job?
  3. As far as I know it's the original unsigned crown, which was typical for this model (1970's tank style). And yes the crown is the sprung washer type, which you can just make out in the pictures, the smooth bit that sticks out from under the fluted crown. That's what makes it worrisome for me, because of the spacing the sprung washer isn't even able to do it's job protecting the movement from dust and lint. Or am I being too paranoid about all this?
  4. Hello all. Apologies if I'm hijacking this thread but I wanted to get your collective thoughts on something. I too had a similar situation with my vintage Vacheron with the 1003/3 movement, everything was working fine until one day the crown spun freely and I could neither wind nor change the time. I was surprised as I heard the 1003 was quite a robust movement. Anyway I am way too much of a novice to try to tackle it myself, but also way too broke to bring to to Vacheron for an official servicing, so I brought it to a reputable independent watch repair service. It took them much, mu
  5. Hello all, I'm just getting into the watch world and wanted to dip my toes here and acquire knowledge before the big plunge.
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