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  1. Turns out it wa just the wrong date ring... Got the new one and now I'm all set- rocket ship in space build complete!
  2. Thanks! I think that jumper spring may be the culprit. They are the correct day/date wheels and I haven't replaced anything except what I said in the OP. It is also possible that one of the dial feet may be bent but the dail looks to be pretty well aligned to me...
  3. So I'm in the midst of my first ground up build and am (unsurprisingly) having some issues. I swapped the stock white day/date wheels from my NH36 movements for black ones to better compliment my dial. I then tested the functionality before putting the dial on and all seemed to me working correctly, however once the dial was on I discovered an issue. The date wheel isn't quite lining up correctly. Here's the weird part: when I use the quick set function they line up fine. It's when I set them via turning the hands (which I was doing in order to determine 12am so I could install my hand set) th
  4. Hi all! I'm new here and also to watch building, modding and repairing. I am pretty excited about it though and have started my first build from scratch. Unsurprisingly I'm having a few minor issues so you can expect to get some questions from me real soon! Thanks!
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