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  1. After many disassembles watch hands in my watch don't sit tight on stem: if I make a sharp move they also turn a bit in the direction of movement. Is it fixable?
  2. Isn't there a small leverage on the side of the movement next to number 5? I've just removed stem from the similar monocoque watch with E766. The trick is to remove it from 0 crown position while it is pressed down. At first it didn't work for me because I tried to do it from 2 position.
  3. It seems that in this watch the dial is a solar panel. The manual says that: <Removing method of solar cell> (1) Slide off the contact of each of the two solar cell connecting springs on the top of the solar cell outward. (2) Pull and lift up the solar cell in the 9-o’clock direction to remove it. I understand it as pulling out with scissors upper part of those copper connectors: I ordered some cheap tools from aliexpress. Will wait till they arrive to do the job: removing hands, pulling out the dial and re-installing everything hoping that it will sit more
  4. Search this website using your case number: https://www.cousinsuk.com/ https://www.boley.de/en/shop/7037.citizen
  5. Oh. Thanks a lot! I was trying to pull it from the 2nd position while the manual says it should be done from 0 position. I will try to do it again tomorrow as my eyes already hurt. Do you know by any chance how to remove the dial from the movement in order to re-align it. It is not mentioned in the guide. Can it even theoretically be misaligned? I think there should be some things which keep the dial and movement properly attached. The place which tried to fix my watch was fixmywatch.co.uk . I think they are authorized. I am not angry at them because they tried their best: tried
  6. I sent it for repair to them for 3 times - the watch refuses to do "All Reset". Not going to do it for 4th time. Besides, they already have done a full refund after not being able to fix it. Now I have to deal with the results of their work. After all the problems and money spent I am going to do it myself this time. It is a monocoque case and I have to remove the stem first before getting the movement out. By the way, does anyone know how to remove and reposition watch face on the eco-drive citizen? I believe it is slightly misaligned.
  7. Hello guys, I received my Citizen PMT-56 from repair and noticed that the second hand doesn't hit the marks any longer. It used to! So, I decided to fix it by removing the bezel with chapter ring and re-aligning it. But what I noticed is that when I align it with the second hand then the chapter ring is not aligned with the lume on 15m mark (see the picture). What I also noticed is that the stem goes above the lume mark (I would expect it to go right under the lume) - it made me think that the movement can be misaligned in the case. What do you think? picture I also tried to r
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