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  1. Nice watch and great incentive to try myself thank you Andy
  2. Crown arrived and fitted here is the result ef-308
  3. watch without potage Error code 600 (Error 600: Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close) watch with postage Error code 1010 (ERROR_BADKEY 1010 (0x3F2) The configuration registry key is invalid) mens Citizen gold plated watch broken glass_filesmens Citizen gold plated watch broken glass.html mens Citizen gold plated watch broken glass_files
  4. Found picture when i got watch and it is an A4 case Thank you all for the assistance this forum rocks
  5. Wow Thank you the guide is great the case and bevel look more like A4 than B0 i will look when home. if it is then the gasket fits on bezel first as below .
  6. Hi Watchweasol thanks for the assistance the glass is bezel mounted so already installed as in the picture above the problem is that the tachymeter ring then sits in a gasket in the case so metal to metal with gasket in between but from both your remarks ill fit gasket into case then fit metal bezel \ tachmeter ring. thank you for replying and your assistance
  7. Hi new to this forum and posted before introducing myself but just like to say the response from the forum is exceptional was on another forum and posted a question about 4 months ago and got no answer posted on this forum and got response within an hour . Thank you JDM and Jersey MO I have been tinkering with watches the last year and have got hooked. thanks again for the assistance keep up the great support.
  8. Thank you JDM for the reply. just to make clear i put gasket into watch shoulder then press the bezel into that i have added another picture just to make 100% the gasket has a shamfer so i would assumei that would point up
  9. I recently purchased a seiko 7T62 and the bezel is off the watch I sourced. Correct bezel gasket 86583460 but I have crushed it while trying to fit, does anyone know about fitting these bezels i have got replacement gasket but worried about ruining another one. 1 Do you fit gasket to the tachymeter bezel then try press fit ? or 2 Do gasket put gasket in the case then press fit the bezel into it ? Any help or advice appreciated. Anyone ?
  10. For anyone interested I managed to source from a polish website as below https://www.swiatzegarkow24.pl/produkty/4193-oryginalna-koronka-glowka-casio-ef-308-.html So anyone after Casio parts this site might help
  11. Hi I am trying to get a new crown for my Casio I have found part number of boley. casio 10265801 any help in where I can purchase a replacement. any help apreciated.
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