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  1. Received this from eBay today. Does anyone have any info on it? I emailed Sector in anticipation of it arriving and they said they don’t have anything on it because it is an old model. Which seemed insane. I know it is an Expander Exp 150.
  2. I have just bought a pretty knackered Bentima Shockproof watch on eBay. Just wondering if anyone knows if there are any manuals available online for Bentima?
  3. What is the best way to clean a movement without a machine? I got an old Bentima Shockproof off eBay in a pretty bad way but stripped it all down and want to clean it
  4. I am thinking I can just reuse these adapters on the current bracelet to fit a new one
  5. I don’t mind the style of bracelet just want it without the gold
  6. Also is there a special type of bracelet I need for it? It is about 9mm lug to lug
  7. I just want to get rid of the gold so this could be the best option. Thank you
  8. Actually on further inspect and research it is actually an SNXM17
  9. I’m not a fan of the gold so I am looking to change it for silver or black
  10. I picked up a Seiko SNXX51 today and stripped it to give it a good clean. I was wondering if the gold ring around the Crystal can be changed? Thought I would ask before I just tried to snap it off.
  11. I have just been offered this seiko for a project. Can anyone tell me what model it is and what it is worth in the current state?
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