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  1. I opened up two other amphibias I've got and the hairspring on both those compress more to the rear so I'm guessing this one is working as it should. I've checked edge on and it's perfectly flat. I've also checked all things are tight and nothing is moving that shouldn't. I'm going to wear it non stop for the next few days and see if the outer coil jumps again onto the beat error post. If it does I'll post another vid and pics. Thanks for all your suggestions and help.
  2. Here's a video of it without the fault. Would I be right in saying that doesn't look to healthy anyway? IMG_1922.MOV
  3. It it happens again I'll try and video the balance or at least get some photos.
  4. Been using a timegrapher app up till now. It's ok but a bit hit and miss. Hopefully this week the proper one arrives.
  5. But would that cause one of the coils to get caught on the beat error post. It's twice it's done it now but apart from that it runs within a couple of second a day. I think you might right and remove the whole balance and get a proper look at it.
  6. I actually thought magnetism at first and checked it passing a compass over it but it was ok. I demagnetised it anyway. It definitely looks flat when you look edge on. I'll check again the things you mentioned and see if I spot anything. I've got a proper time grapher arriving this week so that might help pinpoint some things. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I've been having trouble with a vostok amphibia I recently bought. I've got a number of vostoks and they've been pretty much alright. This one though was running fast right from the off. It was gaining about 90 seconds every hour. I should of sent it back to Meranom but I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of packaging it back up and sending it back and then the long wait. Plus it's seventy quid watch, might of been different if it was a rolex or something like that. I decided to open it up and have a look. I'd already stuck it on a time grapher app (I know they're not as a
  8. Hi thanks for letting me Join. My name is Paul and I've only just in the last few months got into watches. (blame lockdown ) I actually did my apprenticeship in building massive gear drives, some the size of a house so it's strange in a way I've come round full circle but now on a scale much much smaller. Thanks again.
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