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  1. Yes, I prefer to cover everything as dust is a problem when reassembling movements. That's partly why I aim to keep my bench very clean so it's easy to dust off. More clutter mean more place for dust to settle and risk flying into the movement as we know even a single speck of dust can mean trouble.
  2. Here's mine with lots of drawers. I make it a rule to not have anything useless cluttering the work surface and store unused tools/consumables in drawers.
  3. Same for both rinse jars. When the first rinse is too dirty, toss it and put the second rinse as the first and fill the second with new solution.
  4. There is a specific screwdriver sold by Seiko (S-921) you can find at Esslinger or on eBay : https://www.esslinger.com/seiko-s-921-phillips-screwdriver-1-20mm/
  5. Hi everyone! I'm Stephane from Canada. I got really interested into watchmaking and watches collecting since last year. Since good watchmakers are so rare in Canada and the prices they ask to service even simple movements is really high, I told myself i should get into watchmaking to service my own watches as it's cheaper to acquire the proper tools than to get it serviced just once. Tools can be used over and over, recovering the costs after just 1 service. Great forum that I read a lot in the last few months as I gather informations about the proper tools, cleaning supplies and oils/gre
  6. Hi everyone, first post for me but a long time lurker of this sub-section as I'm starting into watchmaking. I'm in the process of getting the needed tools and remain some stuff to come with long delays in parcel shipping/deliveries... I did a lot of research across many forums as I try to get what is really essential and what can be substituted. Here is what I resumed so far in my notes : Must have oils/grease : Moebius 9010 : Good for balance and escape wheels jewels. Moebius 8000 is a cheap substitute but with the longer life of synthetic oils, it's better to get 9010 even if
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