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  1. The hole is too small - I will try using a sewing needle. Pity I ordered stuff from cousins only last week, I could have ordered a set of broaches! (the import costs now are relatively astronomic due to brexit...)
  2. I've replaced an old Ebosa 111.861 with an ETA 802.002 in my mothers silver watch, just as a webpage informed me that this model was discontinued and the ETA was its replacement. It does fit exactly into the watch but the minute hand does not fit. It may be a vague question, but is this normal? Have I picked the wrong ETA model, or should I do something with the minute hand to make it fit? I tried pressing it rather firmly but it didn't work. The hour hand fits exactly. 3291_Ebosa 111.861.pdf 3576_ETA 802.002.pdf
  3. Thanks guys! I've used a small serrated plier and that did the trick. Indeed, there's much more force available then to fasten it than when I used my fingers or tweezers before. Also, I tried it without loctite first so that I could check the results, and indeed it is (now) not needed, it works fine now and does not unscrew when fitted to the watch. (I already let this loctite cure for 3 days so do not think that would influence it further, though I could be wrong there.)
  4. I have tightened it pretty tight before - to the point that the stem started to rotate in my pinched left thumb/finger.
  5. Please see the photos attached, two of the stem and crown and one where you can see the crown having been tightened all the way (to check for stem length). The slightly darker colour on the thread of the stem that is 'inside' the crown should be due to the loctite / lock bond having been used; it was not this colour before. I hope this pictures paint the picture. I'll try this! Can I soak the crown in isopropanol, or will that be harmful to the gaskets of the crown?
  6. Indeed, the loctite gave way - the stem is still intact It's indeed a screw-down crown. This is exactly how I made it! The length is the correct one; I filed it using the aforementioned Dremel tool to the exact length. But then, the loctite did not work. What does 'correctly tightened' mean, you mean to a certain amount of torque? I've cut the stem to the length that the crown bottom will touch te case side when screwed down entirely, when the stem is completely inserted into the crown. I will post pictures in a following post, gimme a sec..
  7. I've modded my SKX031 to house a NH36 movement with aftermarket stem and crown (Namoki). After having cut and filed (Dremel cylindrical sanding bit) the stem to the right lenght, I've cleaned it (using 'wasbenzine', a type of white spirit that the watchmaking school uses in the Netherlands), and used Bison lock bond (similar product to loctite) per instruction of a modding video on Youtube. However, this soon broke, and I tried GS hypo cement as an alternative. This broke too, however, and I tried again with the lock bond, but this broke a couple of days back. I tried cleaning and lock bond ag
  8. Thanks for the replies! I've tried applying the tips and it nearly works; I think the spring is just a little bit too short to keep the click thing in its right position. In the meantime, I've finished it as-is, see the result here: Things left to do: polish (or replace) the glass, check the spring for the click element, get case screw (one missing), and likely get a new hairspring (when 'wound', the balance doesn't rotate as much as it should..).
  9. Defenitely! I've assisted in psychological research into OT quite a while ago, that's why the name. Thanks! Yes, I think this is the right place for questions. Cool to hear you're browsing fleamarkets for pocket watches and restore them. Also nice to know that this may provide some kind of income... I'll post a picture of the finished watch here.
  10. I've been restoring a pocket watch that I found as a barn find. The dial bears the Berna brand and the movement has an M written on it and the number 179. Other indications of identity are lacking. While reassembling I ran into the problem of how the spring should be placed that presses on the pin that locks the mainspring barrel. (or, correctly, the wheel above the barrel, that is connected with the barrel through the square end of the arbor). I think the previous restorer did not correctly place back the parts here. Can I ask you if you can identify this movement and/or indicate how thi
  11. Hi all! As it is stated you'd like to know a bit about new users, here's my story. I like to learn about and tinker with with setups for making espresso and beer. Since corona, I took up an interest in repairing my own mechanical watches. After having completed the first and second part on WatchRepairLessons and completing the stripping down, cleaning, lubricating and re-assembly of a UT 6498/CHI3620M movement I'm now working on a barn find pocket watch. After re-assembling that pocket watch, I'm planning to mod my SKX031 and give it a good service. I really like the culture ar
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