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  1. Hello All, I am a new WRT Forum member who obviously didn't read the protocol and have already demonstrated poor form by asking a question about regulating and or service needs of a pre-owned automatic mechanical watch I recently purchased before introducing myself - my apologies! I am also new to what will be a hobby given my life and work experience in a completely unrelated career field but better late than never as they say! I learned about the Forum after exploring the purchase of a mechanical watch for myself and stumbling upon and viewing several of Mark's YouTube video's an
  2. Hello, Purchased a pre-owned (2 yr. old) JDM Sarb033 and it's losing approx 3-5 minutes in 24 hours. Just starting the horological journey so no experience in repairs. Is this an easily fixable issue such as a matter of regulation or would it warrant a full service? If either, what should one expect to invest with a professional watchmaker? My apologies if I am not asking the correct question(s). Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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