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  1. Hi everyone, the centre seconds hands arrived today. The 0.25 was too small but the 0.27mm fitted snugly and stays top dead centre when the fly back button is pressed. Many thanks for all your help.
  2. Hi, I had this issue with a watch that I was reilluminating a couple of years back. The watch was working perfectly but when I put the movement back in the case, it refused to work. I eventually found that I had somehow fitted it back into the case were the seconds hand was touching the back of the crystal. I had either replaced the movement off kilter or pushed it back to far into the case. By replacing the backplate, you could have impacted on the rotor and moved the movement further into the case. Academic now but something to consider.
  3. Hi, I have checked Cousins and found two chronograph hands that may fit the bill. Both are 16mm long, one is 0.25mm diameter and the other is 0.27mm. I will buy both and see if either does the job. I will let you know the result when I receive them. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, no problem, yes, that what was happening when the fly back button was pressed. The tube was the wrong size and was just sitting on top of the pin and not all the way down. I will check out cousins. Many thanks.
  5. Hi, welcome, I'm new too. Peter
  6. Thanks for the answers, trying to find a seller that deals with these specific parts is proving to be problematic. A seller on eBay is selling a complete set of landeron 248 hands but the bid's are starting to go high and I only want the centre seconds hand. 0.25 is a good start so I will concentrate on that. I have experience in removing hands and dials as I re-illuminate watches but I haven't tackled a chronograph, so I will leave that option alone. I didn't properly introduce myself on my first post so my name is Peter and I am from Liverpool, England and have been collecting watches for ab
  7. Hi, my first post would not allow me to upload pictures. I have tried to replace the seconds hand with some spare seconds hands I had but they were for conventional watches and the tubes were to small. I know that this watch takes a larger tube but I don't know the size it takes.
  8. Hi clockboy and thanks for the reply. The length is 15mm but I do not know what a material house is or how to access it, I am not to up on the terminology. Kind regards
  9. Hi everyone, I have a Swiss emperor chronograph with a landeron 248 movement. The backplate reads 248 O W. The problem is that the seconds hand it came with was the wrong size and kept falling off when the fly back button was pressed. I don't know the size of the tube of a replacement seconds hand or where to acquire one, any help much appreciated. Peter.
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