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  1. I'm trying to open a case back secured with allen screws, but I've tried multiple sets (none of them are actual watchmaker specific) and no size fits exactly. I'm afraid to strip the screw with an ill-fitting allen key. How do I measure the screw and make sure I have the correct size? Is there something with special sizing of allen keys used on watches/case back screws? Thanks!
  2. That's really reassuring to hear! Thanks for the update. I haven't had to get back into another SW-200-1 yet and I'm partly dreading and partly looking forward to the next time! So, you're sticking with a 1.2mm?
  3. So, I'm planning to start the Watch Repair course by Mark here, and was wondering if anyone has two 6498 movements they might be willing to part with? I'd just rather not buy a knockoff movement. I looked around on ebay, but not sure what a fair price is I see everything from $30-$900. Here's a recent one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/303680770480 Would something like that be ok as a way to learn on? Or this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Arnex-pocket-watch-with-Unitas-6498-Incabloc-running-movement/402434371920
  4. I'm obviously no expert, but I agree that the 1.2mm is a safer bet than the 1mm. That definitely won't allow you to push further than designed. Let's see a photo of the finished project!
  5. Thanks for insights on the oilers front @spectre6000 and @Tudor! Which size automatic oiler would you get if you just got one? What do you think of this Horotec set with stand? Is it worth getting a stand? For just a bit over $100, you could get the set of Bergeon automatic oilers. Would you go that route instead? Anyone have advice about what oils I should start with? I noticed the Otto Frei starter kit didn't include any.
  6. I thought so at first as well, but looking again, it appears the epoxy coating is only on the handles. I think maybe it's if you're worried about static or working with sensitive electronic equipment? There shouldn't be any concern about static with mechanical movements, right?
  7. What about oilers? Do you have strong feelings about the ones you use? How about these? http://www.esslinger.com/horotec-swiss-metal-dip-oilers-set-of-4/
  8. Nice dial @bjd1020! Is this your design? How was it made? How's progress on this project?
  9. Really sweet movement! What size is this movement? Do you know the year? Did you need to do a tear down of the Hamilton as well? Photo? Inheriting my grandfather's watches is also what initially got me into vintage watches. But I wasn't inclined at the time to learn how to restore them. But maybe I'll go back to them now.
  10. Ouch! What's more frustrating -- debugging the website code, or repairing a 7750?!
  11. I've been hearing a lot of various reports about the new PT5000 movements, which are ETA 2824 clones. Has anyone had any hands on experience with a PT5000 and can share any insight about the quality level (or lack of) of what they've seen? https://calibercorner.com/hk-precision-technology-caliber-pt5000/
  12. @MarcHave you tried this method? Would it work on a matte dial? I've been wanting to try re-dialing, but wanted to try a the white on a matte black background. Would be amazing if they could print lume!
  13. Nice work, @toptime810! How did you make that dial?
  14. This is so kind of you, thank you! Is the polishing compound for polishing cases or for crystals?
  15. Just to be sure before I apply the thread lock, which is the best spot? The groove for the rotor is so wide and shallow. Is there a special screwdriver for rotors? My widest watch screwdriver is 2mm ...
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