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  1. Dear watch repairers, I would like to take a moment to celebrate the lives of hairsprings lost; in the shaky tweezers of beginner watch repairers, in the dark bowels of attics and hobby rooms. These hairsprings have become needless victims of mankinds insatiable appetite for high amplitudes and low beat errors. May they rest in eternal peace, with their equally maligned friend; the pivot. Thank you and stay safe, Gaspard de Coligny
  2. Thanks, vibrating hairsping and balance...in due time perhaps haha.
  3. The new balance had similar dimensions as the old one, and upon installing it, proved to be the correct balance. Timegrapher shows +6, around 290 amplitude and the BE is 0.4. so very chuffed. The Eta 900 is now ticking away happily in the first watch I've completed: this late 40's, early 50's Stowa, with an immaculate dial.
  4. Just 6 and 7 to go. 1: Benrus 2: IWC 3: Tissot 4: WIttnauer 5: Patek Philipe 6: 7: 8: Omega 9: Movado 10: Certina 11: Longines 12: JLC 13: Benrus 14: Lucien Picard
  5. Thank for the input so far, I've found out 4 is Wittnauer (I have loads of those). 1: 2: IWC 3: Tissot 4: WIttnauer 5: 6: 7: 8: Omega 9: Movado 10: Certina 11: Longines 12: JLC 13: 14:
  6. I've ordered a new balance, which has the same measurements as the original, fingers crossed.
  7. I will take some more photos with the balance mounted. I will have a look at the roller jewels as well. @Nucejoe it runs 45 mins fast in 6 hours, so about 3 hours over a full day. That ratio 24/27 = 0.89 is very close to the ratio of the bph: 18000/19800 = 0.91.
  8. Thanks, I was looking for a site with a database for horological markings.
  9. I've bought a lot of NOS and used watch crowns from a US watchmaker's estate. Many are unbranded but a good dozen of branded ones. Can you help me ID these? 1: 2: 3: Tissot? 4: 5: 6: 7: reads LW or it's upside down and reads MJ 8: Omega 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: Benrus? the lot included dozens of Benrus crowns with the full name. 14: says LP Thanks!
  10. Life got in the way of a swift reply: I've added photos of the two balances, the smaller one is the new version. The first sideview photo with the roller jewel to the right side of the balance staff is the old balance. The movement runs fast, about 45 mins after 6 hours.
  11. I will report back tomorrow, with some photos and timekeeping information.
  12. Thank you for the extensive responses, I will make some photos, I will have to buy a cheap macro lens for my smartphone first. BTW I fully expect to encounter issues with these vintage watches, if one runs decent after service I'll consider myself lucky haha. It's just hoping that the issues I do come across aren't too complex, but I now that's asking for much. I also will install the hands and see if the watch keeps time. Upon visual inspection it is clear that the balance oscillates more vigorously than movements that run with 250ish amplitudes. So far in my short watch journey I'v
  13. All things being equal, a larger radius will increase inertial momentum. However I have no sensitive scale at hand to see if there's a weight difference between the balance wheels. At the very least I felt the difference in balance wheels was worth pointing out. I can imagine the movement running fast when the high amplitude causes knocking; The oscillation is effectively shortened. I can see there is rollover error on the display, no doubts about the BE. Is there a non-invasive way to increase friction on the main barrel to absorb part of the MS power?
  14. Addendum: I've added a tiny drop of 9415 on the pallet exit stone. The pallet fork pivots are not lubricated.
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