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  1. Cool! I know your store. I just don't go to the mall anymore. Maybe early spring? I've thought about a meetup. Again, early spring. Thanks for the contact info!
  2. Hi all. The more I've gotten into this little hobby, the more I've realized that hands-on practice is the real way to learn. And that trying to get help from someone else via the internet or phone is frustrating. So I'm not advocating get togethers in the middle of a pandemic... but I thought it would be nice to find other folks who would like to learn together (eventually).
  3. Hi Omar! I'm trying to find other Raleigh folks into this hobby. Are you still here?
  4. Hi Joe! I'm trying to find other Raleigh folks into this hobby. Are you still here?
  5. Just for the record, if the fork and balance aren’t installed and I slightly wind the watch, EVERYTHING spins freely and when the power is out of the mainspring, the gears also continue to spin for a bit as inertia winds down. I’d also considered the fork as the issue. Cleaned the jewels and made sure that it would easily flick back and forth when the end was tapped and there was power in the mainspring. When everything is installed and I encourage the balance to spin, everything works. The fork ticks back and forth a few times, the train of wheels all turn. The balance jus
  6. Again, I appreciate the encouragement. I'll let you know how it turns out (will try to find time tomorrow).
  7. Makes me REALLY nervous about messing with the hairspring given my inexperience. I suppose there's no time like the present to learn.
  8. No. I don't know how. And that wouldn't explain why it would be working before and then not working after a second teardown.
  9. No, the balance doesn't have shock protection (at least, in my unqualified eye, it doesn't appear so - see photos). I don't believe the jewel in the bottom came out of the mounting plate. I just unscrewed that one screw, took off the plate, cleaned the underside of the plate (and the top of the hole it revealed) and put it back. I didn't mess with the top jewel at all.
  10. It's in normal operation mode (chrono off).
  11. THAT is a dangerous assertion. I’ve been in this hobby for all of 5 seconds. I can’t even name every part I touch yet. But I appreciate your confidence. Yes, I had cleaned the whole thing in a Watchmaster WT. It only stopped working after taking it apart the second time. So tonight, I removed the balance and palate fork and cleaned both with One Dip. I also took off the lower cap jewel (where I saw the excess oil from before) and dipped that, too. The missing screw was the setting lever screw. I don’t think anything is touching the hairspring. I did “encourage” it in bot
  12. Well, I tried it anyways. No joy. All pivots seem to be unbroken. Nothing seems to be rubbing on anything. Spring isn’t bent. All gears turn freely with just a puff of air. I did find over-oiling on the bottom jewel of the balance. Cleaned it all off I don’t like admitting defeat. But I think I’m headed to a professional on Monday.
  13. I did. Will do today. Thank you for the suggestions
  14. Thanks, all! I had confirmed that everything spins freely prior to palate fork installation. But I hadn’t installed the balance without the fork. So I’ll do that to see what I see. I should note that when I “encourage” the balance to rotate (a gentle nudge with tweezers), I can see the palate fork move and the fourth wheel turn, too. It just doesn’t keep going (I know there’s mainspring power, too).
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