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  1. Thanks for the responses. I took all apart, installed just the third wheel and train bridge - it looks and feels like it's as it should be. Thanks for the details Nucejoe, this is all a bit of a learning curve. I'll take it apart again and try that sequence watchweasol, see what it looks like. I've got my best technician checking it for me now as you can see in the photo, will see what she says
  2. Thanks, that might explain it. This may be a question with no easy answer (how long is a piece of string etc), but is there a rule of thumb as to how much movement or shake there should be? I had to improvise to get the jewel back in place, i guess a staking set would make that job easier - more pressure may be needed than i applied
  3. Hello all, Have this eta 2390 here, and can't get it running. Have cleaned the movement, gear train moves freely without mainspring. Mainspring winds, and when released at the click, let's down as expected. Balance etc looks fine, moves freely. Still no joy though, I've had it apart several times at this stage. I think the issue is between the mainspring and the gear train, as it's not transmitting power. I did have to reseat a pivot jewel in the mainplate, at the third wheel - it looks ok and seated flat, but it's possible this might be the problem? I'm stumped on wha
  4. Thanks for the responses folks. Pretty much as i suspected, but good to have others' opinions
  5. Hello all again, Got this old mido in a cheap job lot. I'm not familiar with the brand at all, wondering if its real or not? Did they fake this kind of thing? They don't seem to be particularly fancy watches, but i assume there's fake everything in the world. There's no "swiss made" or similar on the dial, no logo on the crown, but there is on the bracelet, and the movement is not signed and is held in with a plastic movement ring. Just curious if anyone more knowledgeable than I could tell me definitively. Not looking to sell it, will be just another watch for me to practice worki
  6. No problem rodabod, appreciate the input
  7. Absolutely. I'm a near total beginner, and even though all I'm working on are pretty cheap old things, there's a lot of satisfaction seeing them run again, especially the older ones. Hopefully this will be one of those
  8. Thanks for the responses. Hsl, yep, the crown wheel is the one. Didn't think it was salvageable, will probably have to buy that ebay one. The watch isn't fancy, i got it as part of a job lot of old bits, but I'm having fun getting them back up and running where i can, learning a bit with each one
  9. Hello all, I've got this old puw 500 movement, the crwon wheel screw hole in the barrel bridge appears to be stripped. Are there any quick and dirty fixes for this? Don't see any source of donor parts online, and don't have the tools to do any real metalwork, so I'm thinking something very basic as a fix. Tinfoil, superglue, rubber cement? Something like that?
  10. This is all great advice. Only at it a short time myself, but never seem to have taken the right photos that I'll need later. Trying to make myself slow down, think this level of detail would be a good way to do that. And why don't they call it a second wheel?
  11. Obsoletewatchandclockparts.com has spare parts for some of these movements, might have the info you need
  12. Well, seems there's a lot of questionable terminology in this hobby. Setting screw lever turned up this morning. Scoured the floor last night and no sign, then there it was on the table this morning. So that's a positive.
  13. Thanks for all the advice, it'll be very useful for other projects as I'm learning. Unfortunately i broke the top arbor of the escape wheel last night (as well as losing the setting spring lever screw). So the roamer is beyond my fixing abilities for now anyway. I do see that cousins have them, but at 20 pounds plus 10 shipping, so I'll be leaving it aside for now. Maybe a parts one will show up on ebay
  14. Good to know Nucejoe. Just dropped and lost the setting spring lever screw, so the current challenge is to find that. I'd put the the keyless works back together and was working on seating the gears
  15. Ok, cool. I've got it disassembled again, cleaning it with naptha. Will fit the balance on its own and see how that looks. Is naptha safe to use on all parts? I feel i read somewhere that maybe not on the pallet?
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