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  1. Thanks again, you’ve all been helpful and yesterday I managed to put it all back together but I’ve broken the balance end stone spring.
  2. Thank you all, back to the desk tomorrow morning and will get started again.
  3. Good afternoon, So this is an embarrassing one but I guess we all start somewhere, after successfully completing Level 2 of Mark's online course I took the confidence and started my first project which was to dismantle then reassemble a Tissot Calibre 782-1. A week or so ago I took the movement apart cleaned it and kept it all in a dust tray. I've since been away for almost a week and back at the desk to reassemble. Following a very frustrating couple of days I can't even get started!! I took photos but clearly not enough as am stuck at the first hurdle of not knowing which way round the
  4. Hello, new member here from the Midlands. I've been a keen watch collector for some time and I like to wear a nice watch and have a small collection of modern watches. Then a few months ago I started looking at vintage watches and bought a couple, one specifically for my birth year (1972). Then.... this happened! I became a casualty of Covid and I have been made redundant. So with plenty of time on my hands and the need to keep myself mentally active i've decided to engage in the hobby further. I don't have transferable skills directly from my career but I am willing to give this a shot a
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