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  1. Hi all. One step forward: Two steps back: There's supposed to be a little pin on the regulator arm that helps to enclose the terminal curve. Looks like it was snapped off at some point. Just a little stub remaining. I think I will need a new balance cock for this one.... Doesn't seem that the arm is sold by itself.
  2. Thanks guys. One more interesting clue: I checked again the ebay advertisement and the "N.O.S." part shown in the picture has the hairspring stud in the "correct" position (right side)! Here is the pic from the advertisement: Note to compare with my picture one needs to flip it top to bottom (about the spoke), so then the jewel is underneath and point south. This supports the theory that the hairspring was installed 180 degrees out at the factory. The guy has 73 of these parts available... I got unlucky I guess..
  3. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. That was all very helpful. I tried to synthesize it all: It seems there is reason to worry about compatibility between the different springs and wheels, and I should pause before swapping them (Nucejoe, rodabod). There is even some worry that the part is just wrong. I have visually inspected the roller and the jewel layout, and they look the same, but this is not a precise comparison. The position of the stud seems especially odd, assuming the part is correct for the caliber. Indeed, does the stud ever attach to the balance cock on the opposit
  4. Greetings all. I've been working on a few things but one is a bit curious so I thought I'd report. I snagged this non-running, but otherwise lovely little Elbon watch off ebay: I really like the style of the dial; was very excited when it arrived. When I inspected inside, I noticed that the balance wasn't oscillating freely, and was very loose -- had a lot of end shake. I quickly diagnosed the problem as a broken pivot on the balance staff. Here's a comparison of the two pivots: One is not looking great! So I found a NOS balance complete online (for the exact movemen
  5. I like your style, Joe. I am committed to first fixing the problem with the hairspring/balance. When that is settled, I will go back to the scene of the original crime, and see about the stiffness. From my memory, the impulse jewel fits snugly in the fork, but I can't tell if it is too snug. Maybe shortening the guard pin a hair or two will bring it all into harmony.
  6. this one looks ok, but ... the price.... and broken staff!
  7. Thanks! Is there a good source online for determining cross-compatibility ... or is it just experience? For entertainment, I thought I'd also post this example of a hairspring in rather sad shape (amazon link):
  8. Hi again! I just found this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/OMEGA-23-7-T2-COMPLETE-BALANCE/143670264249?hash=item21736a41b9:g:VOYAAOSw4tBedi2b Is there a way to know if it is interchangeable with the 30T2 part? Seems also to be a Breguet style hairspring: http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Omega_23_7S_T2
  9. Hi HSL, thanks for the tip. On mine the left bit has some play and I can push it up by inserting a bit of pegwood to help the alignment. Not a great fix :). Ah well, the thing works enough to serve some use!
  10. I thought I would follow up on this, since I bought one of these inexpensive screw removal tools. I used it today, and though I managed to get the screw out, I spoiled the area around the screw hole a bit with scratches. This is partly because the tool has a misalignment of the two bits that are supposed to apply opposing force on the broken screw. See here: O Other than this significant defect (which maybe I could correct by bending the frame), the tool seems fine. Everything else fits well and seems to perform correctly. More photos:
  11. Hi, and thanks again for the comments! I am tempted, by nature, to dive right in with this -- I suffer from mild overconfidence :). But I am old enough now to recognize the wisdom in taking it slow. I will need to acquire some "scrap movements" for my practice. Any recommendations for that? On the one hand one wants to avoid nice movements, due to the risk of breaking something nice. On the other hand, very cheap movements may be frustrating to work on due to low quality of the construction, no? Do you guys recommend intentionally bending hairsprings out of shape, and then
  12. Good morning! Thanks Nucejoe. On the other hand, a definitive diagnosis would be good before I start bending the spring to try to fix it! The photo I posted in my previous post I found here. But there is also a photo from a post about a project of Marks: It seems to me that these two photos agree about the correct shape of the hairspring: Where the overcoil meets the undercoil, there is (1) a fairly sharp turn, sending it straight across (like it's cheating on a race). When it reaches the other side, it does (2) another turn to resume it's "concentric" path, follo
  13. Hi Everybody! I'm surprised and happy to be getting all this feedback. It seems to me that a consensus is emerging that we are dealing with a hairspring problem! Below I present the results from my photo session. Please let me know if there is anything that is unclear, or any additional angles that would be helpful. I reassembled the balance, oiled the cleaned jewels, and reinstalled it into the movement (still without pallets). Re-attaching the spring+wheel to the balance cock (using that little triangle stud) was a strange experience. WIll have to look for a good technique for tha
  14. I'll keep an eye on this possibility! Thanks. OK guys, I'll keep the hairspring on and focus on getting some nice photographs! I'll be back soon, thanks..
  15. OK, watchweasol and JohnR725, I'm shifting attention to the hairspring. I like this idea a lot, seems logical. But I don't think I have the right tools to do it. I may need to buy some sharp hand levers to remove the collet, and release the spring from the balance wheel. Comparing my spring with examples online, I agree that overcoil portion of the spring is following an unusual arc, and seems to make an especially wide excursion just before it ends at the stud. OK, I will try to get a better photo with it re-installed. If I understand correctly, the photo should d
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