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  1. Hi and welcome, I started about 7 months ago, when you start looking for your tools have a look on the "Cousins" website, they stock everything from the budget range to high end Bergeon could save you buying twice like I did with some crappy eBay movement holders Graham
  2. Hi Samual, I am servicing a Helvetia also, wristwatch, so your question drew my attention. You have had plenty of great advise I can see, however, if its just the hairspring your loking for yoou could look on this website, might help I don't know. http://www.britishprecisionsprings.co.uk/ Graham
  3. Hi ABetti and Willkomen,Bienvenue,welcome, I'm sure you will find the site very interesting and from your time in the industry your knowledge will probably be called on quite a lot by us new to watchmaking. So far I have found everyone very friendly and helpful and the content insightful. Graham
  4. Hi Ali, welcome, I also am new to watchmaking and so far have found the site very helpful as I am sure you will also. My grandfather was an amateur watchmaker in his spare time too, train shunter by day, he unfortunately passed away when I was 9....71 now, but he left me a 1840's pocket watch which is what got me started. I'm sure you will have very fond memories of your grandfather. Again, welcome Ali. Graham
  5. Hi all, sorry but never managed to introduce myself. Started to get involved in this fascinating hobby (for me anyway) back in July due to Brocken family hair loom. Currently been asked to clean and service a watch by my brother in law, it belonged to his father, it's an Helvetia with a 837 movement. Been looking to try and find service sheets for it but according to Roland Ralfft they were never issued. If anyone has ever worked on these I would really appreciate some advice. Regards to all Graham
  6. Thanks watchweasol any and all help is appreciated
  7. Hi everyone, I have been given a Helvetia 837 automatic to service for a family member and I have been trying to find service sheets on the internet for it, so far no luck. As the auto wind looks particularly complicated I would like this info to study before stripping this part down, does anyone have any ideas where I could find this info? Cousins do not seem to have anything either. Alternatively, has anyone ever worked on one of these? so if I get completely stuck I could get advise. http://www.ranfft.de/bidfun/katb/2uswk/Helvetia_837.jpg Regards and happy New Year
  8. Hi, I'm restoring a Tissot Chronograph (1990's I think) and I'm struggling to find a bezel insert the correct size, 37.3 x 30mm. The standard size seems to be 38mm, I've found a 37.5mm but it's a ceramic one and I wouldn't know how to start to trim ceramic to size even though it's only 0.1mm all round. Does anyone know where I can source a Tissot 'Sport' ring? Tried Cousins UK but their listing shows the item as obsolete. Case number is E662.762M Graham
  9. Hi John, yes sorry about that, the calibre is AS2063 I've attached a photo and short (very bad) video clip of what is happening. IMG_0126.MOV
  10. Working on another Montine, different model. However, firstly let me thank all those who helped me sort my other watch, with 2 new parts it is working perfectly, worn it for several days now without issue, thanks. Back to the new watch, it was very rusty inside when I got it, I've cleaned it rebuilt it and it's going ok, problem is, I turned the rotor to test it wound the mainspring ok but unless the wind goes a full click the rotor spins back several revolutions, the other does not do this so I'm wondering if it's normal for this movement or if I've not rebuilt the auto part properl
  11. Thanks Nickelsilver, Tried to turn it very carefully but couldn't get it to move (probably my cleaning dried it out completely) so left it standing in Moebius 8000 overnight and by morning it was moving great, gave it another clean the oiled with D5 and its working great. Thanks very much for your great advise. Graham
  12. Cheers Poljot, managed to find a setting lever spring on ebay, cost as much as the watch Main problem is still that the 3rd wheel (I think) and the setting wheel are both trying to turn the minute wheel at the same time therefor binding up. There does not seem to be a separate cannon pinion it is a single piece item. I'm very confused as I can't find where I could be going wrong. Buggered if I'll give up though
  13. HI Tuvia, I have had the movement apart and watched my video of disassembly and there does not seem to be a way of either disengaging, as soon as you put the minute wheel in place everything on the keyless side locks up. Being a novice I am obviously doing something wrong but I have followed my video closely and cannot see what I've got wrong. Hi Poljot, just found out my part is actually 445/1 which is out of stock, they have 445 in stock (which I ordered), typical eh! I've watched video over and over, everything looks right....but....! stuck wheels.mp4
  14. Thanks for the advice guys, I've stripped the watch down again to start from scratch, the setting lever spring is indeed broken, ordered replacement from Cousins. On rebuild I'll be taking particular note of your suggestions.
  15. Only just getting into this hobby, bought a tatty Montine watch to practice on, it has an AS5203 movement. I have cleaned it, re-oiled as re-assembled (video' the disassembly so I could confirm where everything went), the watch is running fine although the setting lever spring is broken at the base. My problem is I cannot set the hands although I can alter date wheel. When I bought it the hands could be set fine. I've redone the work again with the same result, I've obviously got something wrong but cannot figure out what. With the dial off you can see the wheels trying to turn but the
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