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  1. Old Hippy,

    i am not at all sure that you have been receiving my email messages.  There have been many problems, I tried to send a message as a direct reply to your message, I have been out of town using a poor WiFi connection, too large message, etc.  However, I am interested in pursuing bushing replacement on that Ansonia clock.  

    I have bought a metal lathe and have ordered an assortment of bushings.  

    If you can give me a little help it would be greatly appreciated. If not that is OK also, I certainly understand.  

    Best regards,

    Bill <[email protected]>


  2. Finally!  I got the screw out that holds the set lever in place.  I have attached a picture and you can see the broken head of the screw.  

    I am confused about how to place this screw.  There is a flange near the middle of this screw that prevents it passing through the plate.  If I places the flange exterior to the pictured plate, I do not think it would reach the set lever.  If I place it between the plate and the base plate, it will not pull the set lever close enough to the base to force the nub into the grove on the stem.  What to do......what to do.....



    1. Bill3


      I have two other "donor" 986A movements.  I have examined both and in both examples the shoulder of the screw is between the main plate and the barrel bridge.  

  3. CKelly,

    Sorry, I intended to attach this picture that I made this morning to my last message.  The setting lever can be seen in this picture.  


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