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  1. Also about the dial feet. Are you sure you are not missing dial screws? On mine they screw in, not friction fit.
  2. Re. The variable amplitude issue, check the amount of sideshake in the barrel arbor and make sure the barrel isn’t hitting the bridge or the main plate when wound. I had a similar problem with this movement and it turned out to be barrel arbor bushing wear.
  3. By the way, just a word of caution on these 2209 dials. I have always been suspicious of the ones that have the double-marker at the 12 instead of the triple. This link is suggestive but maybe not conclusive. All of which isn't to say that it is not still a good watch - just depends on your preference I think. https://www.2209watchmovement.com/brand-specifics/luch
  4. I agree these 3-legged springs are awful. I just used 2 fine pairs of tweezers and kept poking and prodding until it was in. Practice makes perfect!
  5. On my Luch 2209 there is a small slot to pop off the bezel and crystal together as one unit, directly opposite the crown. I used a small screwdriver. I am pretty sure the bezel and crystal should come off as one piece - I would not attempt to separate them!
  6. Beautiful result @Jon. Next time I strip this one I’ll get into the pinions deeper. Although the key I guess is starting with a good one, ie one without a shot barrel bushing. Maybe you can polish some turds but not others.
  7. Actually since I started doing watch repair I have had family and friends throwing watches of all descriptions at me (including an Omega auto that is well above my pay grade). I don’t charge per se but people have a nice habit of buying me gift cards and that sort of thing. Perhaps since you are still at the very beginning, as I am, you should try not to look at it as an all or nothing thing. You start by taking one small cheap course. You take on a few simple repairs. You take a bigger course. Take on more complex jobs. Etc etc. In any case, I think it’s too early to prejudge whether you
  8. @rodabod thanks, I’ll keep my eye out for a WW style 8mm lathe. If I’m patient enough I suppose something will come along. Good to know about the school. I guess that’s not really an option for me right now, but I have a few watchmaker friends who might give me some pointers. @teegee thanks! Another great response. I have thought about moving for the college program, but like you I have no interest in working for someone else. If I ever manage to make money off this hobby, it will be as an independent repair person. So this is right now a personal passion / occasional side hustle. I
  9. @rodabod thanks for a really detailed response. Two follow-ups. You said you did part of the course at an accredited school. Does that mean you just contacted a school and asked them to teach you some practical skills, like using a lathe? A second question, about the lathe. Were you able to get by with just a standard small lathe, or did you also have to get a watchmaker’s lathe? I’ve seen pretty cheap microlathes new, but even used 8mm watchmaker’s lattes are topping $1000 Canadian, and I know nothing about the condition of, e.g. bearings.
  10. Hi all, I am on the cusp of making a significant investment in the BHI DLC, Technician Grade. I live in Toronto, and while there is still a watchmaking school in Canada, dropping everything I'm doing and moving to Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, is not really possible at the moment. I am interested from people who have taken the correspondence course. I want to hear all details, but I'm particularly interested in: a) Was the tutor option worthwhile, if you bought it? b) How much did you miss in-person instruction? c) Did you do the exams? If so, has doing so benefited you?
  11. So glad you posted this, as I am in the process of servicing one of these for a friend now. It’s a truly beautiful movement. I am still trying to understand how the bi-directional winding works. Perhaps it will be clearer on reassembly! If you could post a link to service docs, that would be great. Cheers.
  12. Welcome welcome from another Canuck!
  13. Yeah @yankeedog here are 2 listings: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Mechanical-Watch-Movement-RAKETA-2628-working-condition-parts-spares/193518938281?hash=item2d0ea0a8a9:g:kV0AAOSwzRpe51xn https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Mechanical-Watch-Movement-RAKETA-2628-H-working-condition-parts-spares/193518949048?hash=item2d0ea0d2b8:g:wCoAAOSwVrxe511s I can't spot a difference.
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