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  1. This thread has been incredible! Thank you to all of you for your help, you have built an incredible resource on this site and it has given me confidence to take this on. My plan is to demagnetize the current movement, see where that and an adjustment get me, but replace the movement temporarily. The long term plan is to service the movement myself. Looking forward to learning more from you all!
  2. @CaptCalvin - I don't have a spare movement on hand, I was looking at buying a 25 jewel out of a Montblanc Meisterstuck which seem to be plentiful and relatively cheap. Here is an example with some photos. @Bauertime - I will do some reading on addressing the hairspring, if it's a single part that needs to be addressed I can give it a go, but the watch has unknown service history so I'm not sure how worn the remainder of the movement is. @bjd1020 - Thanks for the help! Yes, the concern is the blank space in the day slot. Is there a great deal of variance in movement sizes between 7
  3. Hello WRT! Glad to have found your site, the resources here are incredible for a beginning hobbyist like myself. I purchased a project LeJour 7000 (Valjoux 7750 powered) that is currently running hilariously fast- something like +2 hours per day. I purchased it with the intent to drop in a modern, more decorated 7750. The LeJour has a Day/Date dial (Seen here) but I've found a date-only 7750 that would fit the bill. Is it possible to use this movement and just add the day wheel from my current movement? Is the underlying hardware all there? Even better, what is the best way to
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