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  1. Thanks Marc. You were pretty close with your price. I bid up to £60 but they went for £75 They had obviously been in damp storage for sometime judging by apparent mold on some leather straps, so not sure what the innards would be like
  2. Here we go with another possible lot of 15 comprising. SEIKO Ruby De LuxeOlma SportForlisMovadoRotaryBintimaCitizenParaNelsonUnitasRoamerTip TopAncre GoupillesTitan Anything here worth repairing with a view to keeping or flipping? I get a watchmaker to sort out most of my purchases. If its just a battery issue, strap or general clean I can do that, but I'm not up to the delicate repairs yet
  3. Hello Matt and greetings from New Zealand :-)
  4. Thanks for the input Marc. The Bulova was the one that had me interested. As you sa,y at $4.75 each it would perhaps have been worth a gamble - even to break and flip the unwanted ones to pay for the keepers.
  5. . I didnt bid on this bundle but 2 people fought over it taking it up to USD $52 Not sure if they got a bargain on not. Did I miss something? .
  6. Welcome from BSW in New Zealand
  7. My first watch and still have it today - Tissot Sideral Automatic with fiberglass back. Bought way back in 1971. I believe these were gold plated including bracelet. Possible Model No 821 - 44745 or 112/429 (from original receipt). I wore it as my daily watch and it had a very hard life. Never been serviced and still works fine. Spotted one on ebay for $456
  8. Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241302 Alliance Sport Chronograph Another black face from my practical collection. Purchased in 2014 on one of my house swapping holidays in USA. I changed the bracelet for a leather strap. Cost at the time USD $324.
  9. Spotted a Bulova - not sure of the model but looks similar to a Princine - so probably 1930's. Could make an interesting project as a keeper or flip. Can anyone see anything else of value. Seller looking for USD$35-40 3 Waltham, Wittnauer, Gruen, Bulova, Caravelle , 2 mickey mouse - probably none working. Bulova should be white gold case, missing bracelet might be an issue Interested in opinions re brands and values Regards BSW
  10. . Very annoying. Its always a mystery how/why these packages go mission. I always wonder where they are now. Someone somewhere has them. I sent 2 vintage coins to USA -well packaged, and they never arrived. Always wonder if x-ray machines pick out recognisable shapes and someone decides they may be of value and steals them.
  11. My idea with this one was to fix it and flip, but I dont want to be selling fakes having had a bad experience in the past with Dolce & Gabbana fake.
  12. This one was advertised as RARE MERCEDES BENZ watch and Ebay can react negatively if anyone reports fake or copy merchandise. Seller has now removed the item and emailed with this message - 'Thank you for alerting me! I just removed that listing.' I know he will lot it up in a bundle without the MB being mentioned and it will move along
  13. Good everyday watch bought new c 1998. Seems to be offered on Ebay around $130-200 Roamer Power 8 men's Diameter of the watch is approx. 36 mm (excluding crown) x 41.4 mm. Originally came with webbing strap.
  14. Yes exactly what I thought - most of the Mercedes have the logo on the face.. Movement was visible in the Ebay pics - Miyota IL40 I have informed the seller suggesting he remove the item from sale.
  15. Just as I thought another Ebay dud, it did look suspicious and I did not want to buy it before getting another opinion. Greatly appreciate your help BSW
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