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  1. For the backplate, would a vinegar & baking soda bath be okay without damaging it?
  2. FINALLY got the damn thing to come apart - the alarm mainspring was caught on a wheel and preventing me form loosening it. Bagged it all up whilst I help The Wife with some painting. With cleaning it bit by bit, starting with the caseplates, would Brasso be suitable or should I use petrol?
  3. Yes - I intend to take the whole thing apart. Is there a method for removing 1/2 (see attached) The pillar pins (2) look tricky to remove. Does the old "dunk it in petrol" method apply for cleaning?
  4. I struggled to get a screwdriver in so in the end I snipped the mainspring off, leaving it thus...
  5. Thank you for that info - I'd have struggled to find someone with that amount of parts. So in order to get the mainspring off, I'm trying to remove this wheel (see tiny Swiss knife in photo for reference) but is this correct? Other than trying to remove the pillar pins, I can't see where/what else I need to get off.
  6. Thanks - am I being thick or is this the balance wheel + hairspring? If so, great - I can remove that no problem. I was wondering about this. With getting a new mainspring, if I need to replace it, do you have any recommended sites to use? I'm going to remove it and check it over now. Cheers.
  7. Got the hands off...took me a while before I realised they could be quite easily levered. I've attached two pictures of what I have now
  8. Thanks. Also, how the F do I remove the big/small dial without breaking it?!
  9. Hi all, Fixed an electric clock and got a broken windup Smiths clock off ebay. The alarm and setting the alarm itself are working fine (albeit a little stiff) but when winding, there doesn't seem to be any movement in the mainspring. I can turn and turn but there doesn't seem to be any movement or tightening in this. As this is my first real attempt, next steps? (btw, I have left the dial attached as the hands are very thin metal...) Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks all - I will give this a go
  11. Hi, Photo of the movement attached - I couldn't see any other screws. Other than the stiff dial, the movement does tick along and the alarm does work.
  12. Evening all, Having taken apart a Smiths Sectric, then reassembled it and added a new fuse/plug, I've noticed the dial to change the time on it is a bit stiff (see photo) Would adding a dash of oil/some other lubricant be best to get it moving? Thanks!
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