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  1. Im not a expert here. But I think carful test with a jewlery polishing cloth, might be a good start.
  2. Hm. Made a pretty long text today. But it seems to have vanished! Ill check on my iPad history, or Il rewrite. Anyway. Some cold beer to fight the heat. While working on the movment. Practice, practice!!
  3. Shouldn’t have.. Bit couldn’t resist bidding.. I always wanted a pocket watch. You know classy looking. Bit “chunky” with loud and “chunky” ticking. Won this at a good price. I have no clue what it is. Seems like a no name. But is in nice condition. Have been serviced at least a cpl of times. There is some watchmakers markings. Include a few pictures. So Maby one of you specialists have some leads? It has now been laying ticking on my desk for 6hrs. Seems to keep time very well. Took a look at the balance with my loupe. Someone has been adjusting it. But the hairspring doesn’t look concentric. Well, it is Maby a project for the future. I’m happy just having it, ticking on the desk!
  4. Not some actual "hands on" progress on the movment today. But some more good info collected! Found this! It certainly clears a few things for me. So it is the same movment as the FHF 96. So I think I let it in this thread. For future rerference on this movment. Hopefully it helps some more ppl. (hope it is ok to share this) Another pleasant news. Is HSL has offered to donate a spare movment. Im humbled of his offer. I offered to pay something for it. But he galantly refuse! Thank you HSL. It will defenetly help my skills move forward!
  5. I havent found a proper techsheet prmanual. Its 3am, and I cant sleeping. But I found this old thread! Some problems seems to be the same as I have. And, Im sure my watch is a Mumbai special. If I got the ”term” correct. Same scratchas at the screw for the stem. Stripped screw for crownwheel. My also comes with a lowbudget silkscreen dial, glued to the movement. otherwise. Movment looks good. Exept some small corrotion.
  6. Oh, a pic of the progress, so far! Its getting there.
  7. Thank you all, for very encouraging replies! Spent yesterday about 12 hours or so, assembling. Have not cleaned the jewel and balance wheel assembly yet. Anyhow.. It was a bit frustrating, and starting to be a bit tired, I started to get a bit shaky. So had to tak quite a few breaks. But when you find the right working position. Things get installed with a good flow. Thats a great feeling! As a mentioned before. I didn't clean to much. Most looked prestine, including the inside of the barrel and spring. Some corrotion that I tried to remove as best as possible. Started to install the timing wheel and fourth wheel. Then the rest of the wheeltrain and bridge. Barrel and winding wheels and clicspring. (I didn't get to take flight! ) Well, nothing of these when really easy. Geting the alignment was.. Well, it eventually worked out nice. More experience will defenetly makes things easier, I hope! Gear train is after some time, decently oiled. Not to much excessive oil. Runns like silk smooth. Just that, made my day! The troubles.. Was on a roll assembly the timing gear and fourth wheel bridge. Nicely aligned. Just to get the screws installed. Got found of my brass tweeter. But in a "flow" I didn't look up, and picked up a screw with the tweezer. Not realizing it was the brass tweezer. With lightly bent tips.. Well, the screw to a really good flight wit a "ping!" Flew all aver the room. Towars the pile of stuff that is for restoring the office. Lets say, I didn't even consider looking for it. Other "problems" is I might have messed up the treads on the small whinding wheel. Not sure yet. Was not feeling great when installed. Even with great care. The clingsprind isn't working. Defenetly my messed up installment. Keyless work, is not installed yet. But I have two parts that I have missed photographed dismantling. One is a small shaft that fell out during disassembly. Sertenly from the keyless work? Unfortenly. I have no clue where it goes. Well it will be sorted somehow. Include a pic of the two parts. If anyone has a lead of its origin. The main problem was, I had big problem to get the the balance installed, and running. And when it all felt right. The geardtrain lost the little power I've given the barrel.. Its really hard to be able to look at the alignment of fork ect. But after a while. I concluded that the right jewel on the fork, has twisted upwards. And maby, (im not sure) the upper pivot is slightly shorter than the lower? Anyway. I carefully tweeted the jewel bak to its alignment. Put it back, but no joy! Im sure it needs to be heated for the shellac will be proper. But just wanted to test if it worked. But it didn't. For now, im not sure what to do. It is really hard to se anything. Especial on the right fork jewel! Think I need to take up on the offer of the spair movment. Looking forward to have the thing ticking in my hand! Cheers all! /Johan p.s Im happy I got one of those rotating boxes. I really like the design. It keeps the parts organized. And nor risk of all "take flight" Since only one compartment opens at the same time. But, id recommend a bit better quality. This is fairly annoying to twist the lid. It get slightly stuck all the time. Annoying when it is so small an delicate part to handle.
  8. I have disassembled the movment. Springs.. I was determined to not..Have one go! Result: The keyway spring took off! But, it kept close. and I did find it emeidietly. (pure luck!) The movment has never been running. So a easy clean. Not sur what to do with the hairspring/balance assembly. Have no lighter fluid on hand. But acetone, and isopropanol. So, I have left the pallet fork and hairspring assy. As is, for now. Have taken a lot, I mean, a lot of photos. But I don't want to wait to long before reassembly. Memory is like teflon now days. Well, not that bad. But its getting there. The glue on the mainplate. Did come off, after about an hour or so. But has left some etching on the plating. that won't come off. But, its looking better anyway. Tomorrow, assembly time!
  9. Thank you for you're response! One of tonights projects is to disassemble the movment for cleaning. But I will keep the balance, bridge in one pice. When, and If. I have managed to assemble it again. Will will look in to getting Jewel. Chances are quite big. I mess something up massive. Then I don't need a jewel anyway.
  10. Thank you! Its defenetly a challenge and steep learning curve! A pat on the back, is defently needed. I knew it will be, and can be frustrating. With micro sized parts and all. but Im trying to do this with some humor and a smile. Just because it is a hobby.(If it isn't fun, it isn't a hobby) Had some flyers yesterday. But ended well. Had to walk a way for a few minutes a cpl of times yesterday. But it was fun, and it is ticking, albeit slowly. By my side right now! have a great day! Johan
  11. Yes I got this from Tradera. Wich I have come to realize, is a intresting place. With many pitfalls. If you aren't careful. Got this fortis as a "ok to wreck" first project. But the goal is to get a nice working watch! It is Karlsson's klister! I have not decided to what to do with the dial. As im not very experienced with watches. But Im not sure it is Fortis genuine dial? Im in the digital large format printing biz. But for many years, I was a production specialist/graphics/prepress. At one of the most renowned silkscreen companies in the country. And this dial has at best, a half decent print quality. If so, I might end up remake it with a own design. But.. that is a waay later problem. I have to get the movment up working, have it fitted in the case nicely ect. Have spent a bit today, to investigate this movment, and spareparts. It seems this movment have to versions of the jewels. One with the more common incablock type, that I know of. Then a different variant that I havet seen before. That is the variant I have.
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