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  1. The back is back on, I've been wearing it, maybe it is because I pat its head/crystal.
  2. Ah yes sorry, my laziness got the better of me, i shall look around now
  3. Okay, what oils will I need to use? And any suggestions on where I should get them? Thanks for all of your help.
  4. I'm really enjoying the amphibia but now I've posted this it doesn't actually want to stop, it has been going happily all day now. Which is irritating, but hey ho, I shall keep an eye on how it goes and see if it continues to stop later on, but hopefully it's happy now. I may purchase some oils to lubricate it myself if any advice could be given there that would be grand
  5. Hello there, thanks for your replies, I shall attach some pictures of the movement below, I'm sorry they are not very good, I just used my phone which has a camera of questionable quality. So I removed the back and began to tilt the watch to gauge if it was stopping at certain angles, it was not stopping at all during this little 'test', I then shook it with a good strong shake and yet again no stopping it was ticking away very happily. This is strange because whilst wearing it if I whisk my arm away from myself very quickly and violently it will stop, however it now only stops briefly not indefinitely like before, so it works well enough, then I shake my arm with a good deal of force such as that which may occur when I am working with it on, and it will stop momentarily. So now I know that it stops when I move my arm very quickly but only away from myself not towards. Also lightly tapping it on a table will yield a similar result, it will stop for a second or so then continue to tick. As for how it runs I hadn't worn it yet today because I was wearing another watch, and it continued to tick and keep time fine, it gains a little bit each day but not enough to upset me. Yesterday whilst it was on my wrist it stopped dead for about half an hour, thinking it may need a wind I began to wind it and heard no signs of the energy going straight to the train wheels, instead I wound it and heard the usual sounds you'd expect from winding a watch and yet it wouldn't tick, a light tap to the back of the watch and it began to work and continued ticking all night, into this morning and now in the early afternoon when I put it back on. Any thoughts? One thing I did notice is that the rotor doesn't move as freely as other automatics I have had and looked at, could it just be due a service and therefore lack the lubrication required to run non stop? I am a massive amateur so I'm not sure I can help, but you are all providing helpful insight that I am sure will be helpful Thanks for your time
  6. Thank you all I shall be happy, I promise...
  7. Hi John this one was only £30 so not too bothered about sending it back, I have messaged the seller and asked if the seller would send me a replacement movement. I will look in the movement later today and see if there is any rust and I will attach a photo of the movement to here so you can have a look to see if I'm not looking well enough. But I may just buy one from meranom and replace it that the way. That should alleviate the problem I should think. I've taken apart and put back together a raketa 2609.ha movement and despite the fact it already didn't work I could get all the gears moving just the balance wheel was broken and still is. Thanks for your reply John!
  8. Hello, I am very new here. I have a Vostok amphibia automatic which I ordered from eBay last month and recently received, it was advertised as working, but I found that after just a couple of days it would stop randomly. I thought maybe I just wasn't active enough and so began to wind it a bit to no avail. Then I have it some percussive maintenance which did get it going again. It didn't need a hard tap to get going. It seems to stop mainly after it has a bit of a jolt, such as if you throw your arm out from yourself very quickly it will likely not be ticking when you look again. Anyway my question is: what could be making it stop? Poor servicing or a need of servicing? Or could something be loose in there and jamming the balance wheel which makes it stop until I tap it and make it move? Thanks for any help you can provide, I can provide pictures if needs be but I did take the back off to have a look and I saw no real signs or what could be doing this, admittedly I am not even at an amateur level...
  9. Hi there! I'm Faff, I have been interested in watch repair since I was 15, now at 19, and during the covid outbreak this year, I have decided to actually get into the vast world of watch breaking. I mean repair... it only took four years haha.... Anyway I am hoping I can get some help and guidance in this difficult subject :) thanks for having me, Faff
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