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  1. Thanks I just want to be able to wind up the movement so not worried about the case. I've just ordered 2 stems so I'll have a go when they arrive.
  2. HI I just bought some Plojot movements to learn with, but none of them have stems. I have 2 x 2614.2h and 2 x 2616.2. I've located places to buy stems but I can't figure out what type of crown it needs. CousinsUK Wholesale have about 5 different types of crown. Does anyone know what type of crown is used or how to identify the crown type needed for these movements?
  3. Hi I've just started this rather facinating hobby. I've tried a couple of cheaply made oldies and come to the conclusion that cheap watches are not good for beginners. I bought 2 x 2614.2h and 2 x 2616.2h from Poland all very cheap so good for learning. I've just stripped down one Poljot 2614.2h and that's restored my faith in my abilities. Nice sturdy design, couple of really good demos on YouTube. I also got some jewelled ladies watches (2 are Sekonda) but they are a bit too tiny foe me at the moment. The 2614 movement seems to be in good condition so I'm hope for some ticking soon! I've always been into DIY but never at this micro level, a whole new experience.
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