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  1. Here's another one I hound that I like. It is also from perplxr.
  2. This is the first thing I downloaded after joining the forum. That guy is awesome! I've got that chanell in my subscribed channels on YouTube. Most of what he does is far beyond my current abilities to try, but that will come in time
  3. Maybe I over simplified my "I know nothing about any of it". I was only referring to the watchmakers lathe. I use to work in welding / fabricating. I did prototyping within the trucking industry. The engineers drew the pictures, I made the parts and assembled what ever it was from raw stock. Then it was kicked over to Jigs and Fixtures to sort out the rest for line production. Now I work from home operating a street rod /hot rod shop. I will frame off anything that will fit in the door (9'H 10'W). Though I won't shoot color, rebuild automatic transmissions or change oil for others.
  4. Not even close. I did find these videos on YouTube that covered all I was looking for in my question.
  5. Hello All I'm starting to do some research toward buying a lathe. I know nothing about any of it. Today's topic of interest is gravers. What I would like to do is turn balance staffs, and pivots. On down the road I'd like to be able to make my own stumps and punches. However that topic will have to wait for another day. I've watched some videos on staff making but have no clue as to what tool is being used when. Could someone shed some light for me on what the difference is between tool styles? Also what would be best for said task? Thank you in advance
  6. That's awesome! I'm going to try that on some of my scrap bin parts and so how it goes. I've already got everything on hand except for the denatured alcohol. I'll have to pick some up on my next run to town. All of what we have now is "good natured alcohol".
  7. I just finished a service on this one. It has a much better representation of the paint / ink than does the pic I got off line.
  8. This shows the black paint I'm referring to better. In the lettering and the scroll work on the balance cock
  9. I just, without knowing it (cough) purely by accident (I'm sure of it) hit the "buy it now" on this movement. My question is what type of paint was originally used to color in the scroll work? I'd like to think that this can be redone to look new again, but I want it to be correct. Any variation in color or sheen from the original will not be acceptable. Thank you in advance
  10. My thoughts exactly. "I can always sell it later" is just an option I use to help relieve any buyers remorse for selecting the wrong one. That way I don't feel stuck with something. I like the free shipping option just for that. It helps to recoup the loss, if that is the rout that is needed. I'll look them up later,
  11. I'm using metric measurements. I just ordered one from "el-even". I've done business with him / her before and was happy with the results. The listing doesn't show or say what the outside end shape looks like but the arbor end looks good. I'm giving it a shot just the same. If it's not a match I can always resell it later. Getting it with free shipping always helps recoup your money if that route needs to be taken I'm always interested in reliable folks.
  12. Yesterdays post brought me a 12s grade 219 Washington Monarch (re-branded Illinois) I bought it as a "good staff, doesn't run". It needed cleaned , had a couple of missing screws, and a broken main spring. Cleaning and screw replacement completed, I now need a new spring. According the the Illinois chart I will need a #47344, (18.5-2-.18) though I have not yet removed the broken spring from the barrel yet to confirm this. I want to get the white alloy version and have only found one source on eBay that has one. The asking on a buy it now is $22.50 free shipping. Is this a fair price, and wh
  13. Thank you all for the useful information! I have found the definite problem that is causing it to bind. The pivot is indeed to large for the hole in the jewel. I took one of the other staffs with the same sized pivots and tried putting it in the hole with the balance cock flipped over. It comes nowhere near the shoulder, but binds up on the pivot itself The staffs that I've got are generic from an eBay store. I don't mind the outcome. I have learned a lot about what more I need to learn /get to make it happen. I'll come back to it again as a future project.
  14. I'm hoping for next year. I have more learning to do before I make that plunge financially.
  15. Congratulations on getting it to tick again! Don"t think of it as wrecking something. When things do become damaged or more damaged, think of it as a training aid to fix that part. I have a couple of training aids that I have created for my self. When I am ready to learn to straiten out hairsprings, I already have 2 to work on.
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