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  1. Hm. I dont use very many jars or anything like that, first of all, and I know it is a screw off case, as there is no divot. I’ll get pictures for ya. If you could figure the model out, that could help, but I’ve searched for a while and can’t find it without the serial number, but i may just not know good places to check. Thanks so much for your help so far!
  2. Dont want to break it lol. Equity watches are rare-ish to my knowledge and had an unfortunate experience with a similar method.
  3. Depends honestly. I know what im doing to some extent, just cant get an exact estimate on the problem as i cant open the back.
  4. Yeah been figuring it out. But i also have had a problem with taking apart the back of the watch, as i suspect there is rust or dirt blocking the screw off case. Furthermore, i will try and post images with it to see if anyone could perhaps even let me know the watch model as that could help me determine if I should pay a bunch to get it fix or if its not worth the effort.
  5. Thanks for the help yall! Im just gonna do the same thing as the last watch, take it in hoping for the best. Its been great getting help from yall, but I know things get limited when I cant post pictures. even if I could though, wouldn't make much of a difference as I cant get the back off.
  6. I would do pictures but as i said before, cant figure out a format anyone can see lol. I was just trying to figure out what was wrong with it. I know how to replace a mainspring, and was hoping that was all.
  7. yeah so i cant post pictures as the format y'all cant view, I have a watchmaker acquaintance that won't mark up, and this watchmaker does make appointments for in depth explanations etc. If worse comes to worse, I can replace the mainspring myself, however can't figure out how to open the back. The front is a screw off, which makes me think so is the back but I can't screw it off. Its an equity pocket watch, which is just a trade name for waltham, so I can probably narrow things down that way.
  8. Thanks! I just wondered if it could narrow things down. I checked in the back of it its fine other than not winding. Ill have to see if I can get an appointment soon. Thanks again!
  9. After looking at your answers, I decided to just take it to a professional and discovered it is only useful for scrap, so I just returned it to the seller, as I set it up so I could do that if necessary. Thanks for all the advice! Sorry if this isn't how you actually reply, as others pointed out I am new to the forum and have enough watches that I need lots of help on fixing them, or at least identifying the problem. Thanks again!
  10. Like my last post, I have another pocket watch that is not working right. When winding, it makes a slight sound so you can hear it clicking, however does not get the watch running, and won't even wind the mainspring. I know that this must be looked at by a professional, but is there any way I can at least identify the problem so I can figure out how much it'll be to fix it? Thank you for your help!
  11. I recently acquired this beautiful waltham pocket watch, however it is not running. When winding, the crown wheel does not turn as far as I can tell. Is there any way to fix this without putting the watch at risk or going to a professional? I have no experience with this kind of thing so any help is great, but descriptive help is requested. IMG_2562.HEIC IMG_2565.HEIC IMG_2563.HEIC
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