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  1. Thanks mark, my thoughts exactly. I’ll check over the parts I added to see if there’s differences, it seems to be the best explanation as to what’s going on.
  2. Here’s a few pics of some of the first cases I made a while ago. one was a muck around Bakelite case. A couple in bronze and brass. Moving on to stainless now. Just about to complete 3 bronze cases that house eta movements and utilise Rolex plexi crystals Hopefully the pics work. Cheers
  3. @JohnR725 thanks for the advice mate I will definitely check if there’s a difference between the wheels sounds like that could be the problem, I have so many parts I loose track sometimes or misplace in the wrong part box. I probably should get a proper Timegrapher. The app does show the graph with and the two graph lines run straight and consistently but I’m still learning all this so thanks for all your help I really appreciate it. I’ll post results here anyway.
  4. Unfortunately no flip case haha, I changed the balance out for a new one to see if that was the issue but still runs very fast.
  5. Thanks for your help Guys, The movement was bought new it looks to be Chinese made although not a really bad one. St2130. It ran well when purchased but suddenly stopped. After I stripped it down I found it to be pretty dirty so gave it a clean, oil and now it runs. But I didn’t clean the hairspring it looked fine there was just debris under the pallet fork ( a big black hair lol) I checked the hairspring and all looks fine so last night I replaced the balance Cock and balance with a new spare I had and it’s still running fast. just a note I removed the date change mech and spring and any associated parts on top of the movement as date function was not needed. I also changed the running seconds wheel part 227 as the original was rubbish ( badly cut teeth on one side) Could this part be different from ST part? ps. I used Timegrapher app which is apparently one of the better ones I adjust to 0.1ms beat error and it was around 0.9-2 seconds per day. I will try to demag the other balance as well see if that helps.
  6. Hi guys, Glad to be a new member and thanks for the welcome. I’m sort of new to working on movements and Ive just cleaned my 2824-2 movement which the balance was not running. After finding dirt and hair inside near the pallet fork the balance is now running. Once the movement was assembled I used the Timegrapher app to get an estimate of the rate and beat error, it measured 0.2ms and around +2 per day... my issue is that the movement gains about 35-40mins over 24hours. would appreciate some advice as where I could have gone wrong or causes of this kind of increase? i assumed the hairspring maybe magnetised? It is new so I wondered how but anyway , would love to hear some thoughts and thanks in advance for your help
  7. Thanks guys, much appreciated. as soon as I get some time I’ll post a few pics here, Im still learning but it’s lots of fun, cheers
  8. Hi guys glad to be here, I’ve been a hobby watch builder for years mainly machining my own cases and parts. I’m hoping to gain more knowledge on repairing and servicing my movements... look forward to chatting, thanks
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