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  1. Thank you for your replies JohnR725. To answer your first question, yes, the numbers all did match on the movement parts, however I have serious doubts about the balance. The roller table and fork were different from all other 313's I've ever seen. This watch was such a mess that I decided to scrap that whole movement and just use another, spare 313 I had lying around which is in much better condition. I had adjusted the banking pins on the spare movement as well because amplitude and beat error were an utter mess. Finally managed to get the watch to 0.2ms and between +2/+4 sec
  2. Problem solved folks! Turns out my hunch was right. One of the banking pins was set too far inwards which in turn prevented the fork from having a wide enough angle to let the teeth of the escape wheel pass through. I turned the right banking pin a little more outwards and now the escapement is in full motion. Setting this thing in beat will be another story ? Thanks to everyone who chimed in. Very much appreciated!
  3. Thank you so much for the answers. So I removed the balance. I gave the watch one turn wind and no movement. I removed the the fork and the train came to life. Soooo...it's the fork indeed. A bit of history. This is not the original fork. During re-assembly, I noticed that one of the jewels was missing in the original so I sourced a fork from another Grade 313. I checked the part #'s and they matched. Prior to switching the fork, the movement did work. So looks like the donor is in fact the problem here. In the attached photo, does it seem like the jewels are maybe a tad too lo
  4. Good day folks, Coming up on 50 years old, I cannot afford to pull out much more hair out of my head so I came here for advice. I just finished restoring an Elgin Grade 313. Prior to installing the pallet fork, the entire train of gears moves freely when i nudge the mainspring barrel with a toothpick. i proceed to install the pallet fork and the balance, and when moving the watch rapidly from let to right the balance swings freely. However, when I wind the watch, everything becomes very stiff. Even if I have the balance swinging from moving the watch movement and then I begin to win
  5. One more question. What kind of lubricant would you guys recommend for this escapement? It deals with a lot of friction. Would 9010 suffice?
  6. That's definitely the one! Thank you! Your help is much appreciated. So can these be adjusted by use of a timegrapher?
  7. That's pretty close, except on my movement, the balance staff has a normal table roller with the impulse jewel pointing down like any other I've ever seen. I'll definitely take a pic later. I bought this watch for fairly cheap and didn't know it had this type of movement.
  8. Thanks for the answers! I can take some photos, but the movement has been re-assembled now. Perhaps a macro lens can show the assembly with a better view. I'll give it a shot.
  9. Hello folks, I've just completed a restoration of a pocket watch, but it's some no-name brand, with no logos/names on dial or movement. Since I'm fairly new to this, I was wondering if anyone could help me with learning a little more about this type of movement. It seems like a late 1800's watch, key wound and key set. What sets it apart from any other that I have so far worked on is that this particular movement does not utilize a pallet fork. Instead, the impulse jewel directly engages the escape wheel. I have never seen such a movement and a google search does not help. Would it
  10. Hello all, I'm not sure if looking for parts on these forums is permissible, and if not, then I apologize in advance. I'm nearing a restoration of an Elgin 8s movement. Only problem is, I'm missing the case for it. As mentioned it is 8s and a hunter style. I'm searching ebay, etsy etc... but to no avail so far. Does anybody have such case they would sell? I didn't know that this size would be so hard to find. Thank you for any input/help anyone can provide and again, I apologize if I break any rules. Regards,
  11. Hello Everyone! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Looking forward to being a member of this forum. Mark's fantastic YouTube channel brought me here. Looking forward to learning more and exchanging ideas and information. Best regards, Marek
  12. As a photographer, I always enjoyed photographing watches as much as I enjoyed wearing them. As a tinkerer, I started off with restoring old digitals, and then moved on to mechanical watches. Still pretty new to this, but loving it. Mark's channel was of HUGE help and also a source of inspiration. Looking forward to participating in the community!
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